Sling TV is a streaming organization that permits customers to clock live entertainment, lifestyle, news, and sports channels. The company is easily accessible to watch on streaming media players like Roku, which plug into users’ TV set via an HDMI connection.

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Sling TV offers 3 plans for customers to choose from. The 2 basic plans, Sling TV Blue and Sling TV Orange, market a different selection of channels. Both cost $30/mo. Sling TV Blue & Orange combines every one of the channels easily accessible in the 2 basic plans for $45/mo. Popular channels on Sling TV include A&E, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FOX News, FOX Sports, History, NBC sporting activities Network, NFL Network, TBS, and also TNT. SlingTV customers can additionally choose native a wide selection of extra channel choices and include premium channels, such together EPIX, NBA organization Pass and NBA Team Pass, NHL Network, Showtime, and STARZ to their accounts.

Roku is a manufacturer of streaming media football player that permit users to clock movies, TV shows, and also thousands of channels and also streaming services on your TV. All existing and brand-new Roku gadgets are compatible v Sling TV, which has Roku Express and Express+, Roku Premiere and also Premiere+, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku clever Soundbar, Roku TV, Roku Ultra, and Roku Ultra LT.

This write-up will administer an outline of just how to obtain Sling ~ above Roku and also how to begin streaming the organization on Roku devices.

How to get Sling TV on Roku

To get Sling top top Roku, users require to have actually signed up for a Sling TV account and also purchased a Roku device. The Roku device also demands to it is in registered come the user, collection up and updated through the recent software and also operating system version, associated to the Internet, and plugged right into the user’s TV.

Follow this procedure to authorize up because that Sling TV and include the business to a Roku device:

Press the Home button on the Roku remote regulate to power on both the Roku maker and the TV.The Roku an equipment will open on its residence page, so usage the remote regulate to navigate to the Search tab and kind in “Sling TV.” choose the app by pushing the OK button on the far control, then perform the same on Add Channel. Sling TV will certainly download automatically. Alternatively, open the Streaming Channels alternative from the Roku house page, open Movies & TV, find and also select Sling TV, and also select Add Channel.When the download completes, the Sling TV app will show up on the Roku home screen. Usage the Roku far control’s OK button to open up the Sling TV app.Sign in to Sling TV top top the application by making use of the Roku remote manage to go into the login credentials created in action 1. The user will certainly be logged in to Sling TV and also can begin streaming the company on their Roku device.

Can you clock Sling TV on older Roku models?

Sling TV works well v all brand-new Roku devices. However, the service isn’t compatible through older, legacy devices that Roku has finished support for and also can’t be updated v the latest versions the Roku’s operation system. This older Roku models include:

Roku 1 and Roku SE (2710X)Roku 2 (2720X)Roku 2 HD (3000X)Roku 2 XD (3050X)Roku 2 XS (3100X)Roku DVP (N1000)Roku HD (N1100)Roku HD-XR (N1101)Roku HD (2000C and also 2500X)Roku LT (2400X, 2450X, and 2700X)Roku SD (N1050)Roku Streaming rod (3400X and also 3420X)Roku XD (2050X, 2050N, 2100N, and also 2100X)

Other Roku models room no longer being made by the firm but deserve to be to update to assistance the recent operating system and also remain compatible through Sling TV. This include:

Roku 2 (4210X)Roku 3 (4200X and 4230X)Roku 4 (4400X)Roku to express (3700X and 3900X)Roku Express+ (3710X and 3910X)Roku Premiere (4620X)Roku Premiere+ (4630X)Roku Streaming pole (3500X, 3600X, and also 3800X)Roku Streaming stick (3500X)Roku TV (5000X)Roku TV 4K (7000X)Roku Ultra (4640X and 4660X)Roku Ultra (4660X)

Users can discover the model number of their Roku maker by opening its Settings menu, picking System, and opening the About page.

Sling TV supported devices

In addition to Roku, Sling TV customers can also watch the organization on any kind of other machine it’s compatible with.

Amazon Fire TV streaming media playersAndroid mobile phones and also tabletsAndroid TVApple iOS mobile phones and tabletsApple TV streaming media playersGoogle Chromecast spreading devicesLG, Samsung, and VIZIO clever TVsOculus headsetsPortal TV indigenous FacebookRoku streaming media playersSling AirTV Mini streaming media playerWeb browsers for laptops and also PCsXbox One, Xbox collection S, and Xbox collection X gaming consoles

How to download Sling TV content on Roku

Roku users can’t download contents from Sling TV, or any other streaming service, onto your devices. Sling TV does administer a cloud digital video clip recorder (DVR) feature, which allows users approximately 10 hours of warehouse space. That deserve to be upgraded come 50 hrs for second $5/mo.

Live streaming services choose Sling TV don’t enable users come download contents onto cell phone devices. However, services favor CBS all Access, Hulu, and also STARZ do allow users to download contents to clock offline.

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The last cut

Sling TV provides a selection of live TV channels that users can stream on their TV with their Roku device. Sling TV’s channel lineup is accessible through 2 simple plans, Sling TV Blue and Sling TV Orange (both $30/mo.), or individuals can integrate both in the Sling TV Blue & Orange plan for $45/mo. All Sling TV accounts at this time come with a 3-day cost-free trial for brand-new customers to shot the service prior to they continue with a paid-for account.