Screen legend Robert Redford has actually undeniably among the most completed filmographies in Hollywood. With his dashingly handsome great looks and also versatile thespian skills, Robert to be seemingly born to play many of the charismatic icons he"s brought to life on-screen. (After every this time, it is still difficult to imagine who else playing the Sundance Kid.)

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Oscar-nominated for his role opposite Paul Newman in the genre-defining "The Sting," Robert was also twice-nominated because that his directing talents in 1980"s "Ordinary People" and also 1994"s "Quiz Show," scoring a golden statuette because that the former. In 2000, the Academy Awards additionally acknowledged Robert"s affect on various other artists in the market with one Honorary Oscar. Presented by co-star Barbra Streisand from among his best-known films (which is speak a lot) "The means We Were," the Honorary award not only paid homage come Robert"s high-profile occupational as one actor, producer, and director, but additionally highlighted his starting the Sundance Institute to assistance aspiring filmmakers. 

For every one of his name recognition, Robert Redford has constantly been a exclusive movie star. Finding himself inspired by "the especially lands incorporated in America"s Red absent Wilderness Act," per a HuffPost op-ed piece, Robert stays in the canyons that Utah in lieu the Hollywood. He additionally quietly married German artist Sibylle Szaggars in 2009, however not before having four children with his ahead wife, producer Lola van Wagenen. Right here is the truth around Robert"s little-known brood.

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Robert Redford"s household life has actually sadly to be burdened by heavy tragedy, greatly unfolding out of the public eye. Via Amo Mama, Robert and his ex-wife of three decades, producer Lola valve Wagenen, had actually four youngsters — Scott Anthony, David James "James," Shauna Jean, and also Amy Hart Redford. Per the outlet, Scott Anthony passed away at 7 weeks old in 1959 the "crib death," or suddenly infant death syndrome (SIDS).

"It was the heart pain of Robert Redford"s life, a tragedy the forever transformed his psyche, plunging him right into a depression the he just escaped by immersing self in acting," Express described, for Robert and Wagenen never ever spoke the the tragedy publicly. In 1998, Robert did admit in one interview, per the brother outlet, "People think it"s been straightforward for me ... It"s for this reason untrue. The hardest thing in the civilization is when your children have problems. There have been so countless hits on our family members that no one knows about." 

One the the aforementioned "problems" can have to be a reference to Robert"s 2nd son James" dyslexia. Via The Guardian, James" award-winning documentary, "The large Picture: inventory Dyslexia," in 2012 even featured his very own son Dylan Redford"s dyslexia journey and accrued massive critical acclaim. The third-oldest Redford child, James died at 58 indigenous liver cancer in 2020, per CNN, with a statement native Robert"s publicist analysis that James" "legacy resides on with his children, art, filmmaking and devoted passion come conservation and the environment." 

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In enhancement to young Scott Anthony and also David James "James" Redford, Robert Redford and also ex-wife Lola valve Wagenen additionally share two daughters, Shauna and Amy Redford, per Closer Weekly. Eldest daughter Shauna, born in 1960, is a effective painter v an approximated net precious of $2 million as of 2021 (via info Cradle). She"s married to "Fast Food Nation" writer Eric Schlosser. A mommy herself to two children, Shauna"s most surprising life tidbit in reality revolves around her time in university when, per the daily Mail, her then-boyfriend was murdered in a since-unsolved investigation. 

Robert and Van Wagenen"s youngest child, daughter Amy, to be born in October 1970, per Amo Mama. She to be the just Redford son to attempt an acting career as seriously together her father"s. V the outlet reporting the Amy "began acting as soon as she was old sufficient to execute so," she studied drama at san Francisco State college (via broad Open Country). She filmography attributes a wire of impressive shows and films, including "The Sopranos," "Sex and the City," and also "Maid in Manhattan." Like Robert, Amy also forayed right into directing with a 2008 film "The Guitar" certification Saffron Burrows, and a star-studded documentary "Aperture," through the likes of Rosario Dawson and also Drea de Matteo.