Impressive! Most civilization graduate high school once they’re 18, but Robert Irwin has just excellent so in ~ the period of 15.

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“Well this is it,” Robert — who transforms 16 top top December 1 — captioned an Instagram picture of him sitting at his computer smiling and holding a pug. “Over a decade of research – in planes, trains and thousands the hotel rooms in every corners the the world, and also today I’ve graduated from high school. Grade 12 and 2 TAFE certificate done! ✅ Excited for what’s ahead…”

well this is it. Over a te of examine – in planes, trains and also thousands that hotel rooms in all corners that the world, and today I’ve i graduated from high school. Class 12 and 2 TAFE certificate done! ✅ Excited for what’s ahead…

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Just a couple of days prior to Robert mutual the news himself, mom Terri Irwin took to Twitter to prayer her sweet son.

RobertIrwin,” she wrote alongside a photo with Robert and daughter Bindi Irwin. “Today he graduated high school. 2 years early. Well done! i feel incredibly blessed to have actually such wonderful kids.” Bindi, 21, chimed in through tweeting, “Robert, you room AMAZING! we love you so lot ❤️