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12. Robert Irvine is a Food Network Star

Just like man Fieri, Ree Drummond, and also Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine is one of the stars of the Food Network. Many of the collection that Robert Irvine has actually hosted or in i m sorry he has actually featured appear on the Food Network.

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13. He very first Appeared on tv in 2006

Robert Irvine an initial appeared on tv in 2006, when he landed his very own Food Network series, ‘Fit because that A King’. The series was later renamed ‘Dinner: Impossible’. In each episode, Irvine is provided a challenge. The present originally ran for eight seasons in between 2007 and also 2010. However, Irvine walk not hold ten episodes in 2008 ~ he to be fired because that lying around his resume, although the Food Network climate reinstated him. The collection returned for its 10th season in 2021.

14. He Is the organize of Restaurant: Impossible

Since 2011, Robert Irvine has been the host of the Food Network series ‘Restaurant: Impossible’. The series has a similar premise to various Gordon Ramsay series, such together ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’, ‘Hotel Hell’, and also ’24 hours to Hell and also Back’. Irvine visits struggling restaurants and also helps them come become rewarding by enhancing their menu, teaching the owners just how to end up being successful restaurateurs and also giving the restaurants a makeover.

15. Irvine hosted Worst Cooks in America

In 2011, Robert Irvine came to be a co-host ~ above ‘Worst Cooks in America’, i m sorry is a collection that trains destructive home cooks to end up being brilliant cooks.

16. He has a talk Show

Since 2016, Robert Irvine has actually hosted his very own talk show, ‘The Robert Irvine Show’. The premise the the display is dispute resolution of the guests.

His Books and also Other Ventures

17. He has Written 4 Books

Robert Irvine has written four books, three of which space cookbooks. This are:

Mission: Cook! (2007)Impossible to straightforward (2010)Family Table by Robert Irvine (2018)

His 4th book, published in 2015, to be Fit Fuel: A Chef’s guide to eat Well, gaining Fit, and Living Your best Life. Return the book contains recipes, it also talks around Irvine’s beforehand life, how he ended up being passionate around fitness and also weight training, workout routines, and also motivational tips.

18. He has a Fitness pillar in a Magazine

Irvine has actually been a consistent contributor to ‘Muscle & Fitness’ magazine due to the fact that 2011. Transparent 2016, the magazine additionally features Robert Irvine’s recipes.

19. Irvine released an online Magazine

Robert Irvine launched Robert Irvine newspaper in 2016. That is a digital publication, and categories incorporate workouts, gear recommendations, and also expert advice. He likewise publishes healthy recipes.

20. He Co-Created a cell phone App

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert Irvine collaborated v WorkMerk, a technology company, to produce a mobile app for restaurants. The app acts as a checklist come ensure lock are complying with guidelines.

21. Irvine launched a variety of health Food Products

Robert Irvine is passionate about health and also fitness, for this reason he introduced a range of healthy food products in between 2012 and also 2016. Some of the assets that are component of his variety include frozen crab cakes, a healthy and balanced version the cheesecake, and Fit Crunch protein bars.

Other Robert Irvine Facts

22. He created The Robert Irvine Foundation

As a veteran the the british Navy, Robert Irvine feels passionate about supporting those who have actually served in the armed Forces. Therefore, in 2014, the celebrity chef founded The Robert Irvine structure to support and also honour the world of the military.

23. He Is an award Winner

Robert Irvine has actually won lot of awards transparent his career. These incorporate the Ambassador that the Culinary institute of America in 2007 and a Culinary institute of America culinary Excellence award in 2001. The is likewise the recipient of the 2017 spirit of hope Award.

24. Irvine hates Cinnamon

One of the Robert Irvine facts that no many world know is that he hates America’s favourite spice. Robert Irvine said The day-to-day Meal the the one food he yes, really cannot was standing is cinnamon. He never tried the spice until he moved to the joined States, together it is no widely supplied in the UK. After relocating to America, he found that cinnamon functions in lots of dishes, and he really dislikes the flavour. Although he does not eat the himself, the is happy to usage it in his cooking, and also it functions in among the protein bars in his wellness food range.

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