When it comes to celebrity parenting and relationships, the only one who’s been around the block more than Steve Harvey is Robert De Niro. Given that the actor is 77-year-old and has been functioning in Hollywood for almost 60 years, the Joker actor has certainly seen a fair share of relationship for the earlier component of his career. Altogether, the actor has had two marriages and more than a few girlfriends, for this reason he was bound to produce some progeny along the means eventually. But how many kids does Robert De Niro have?

According come Hollywood Life, his an initial wife to be actress Diahnne Abbott, that acted alongside him in the top film, Taxi. The pair married in 1976, and Diahnne’s child from a previous marriage, Drena, was embraced into the De Niro family. Diahnne likewise gave birth to De Niro’s organic son, Raphael, prior to their divorce in 1988.

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Shortly ~ his an initial marriage, De Niro began dating model Toukie blacksmith that very same year, and the two had twin sons, Aaron and Julian, with in vitro fertilization in 1995. However, the pair never wed and also soon separated in 1996, just one year after ~ the twins were born.


A year later, De Niro married his many recent wife, elegant Hightower, and the pair welcomed De Niro’s 4th child, Elliot De Niro, in 1998. Climate in 1999, De Niro and also Hightower separated, although they never ever went through with a divorce. It would certainly be an additional six years prior to they would certainly reunite and also renew their vows in 2004.


After being earlier rogether for 7 years, Hightower provided birth come Helen De Niro via in vitro fertilization in 2011. Unfortunately, De Niro and Hightower officially divorce in 2018, seven years ~ Helen to be born, and also now co-parent your children.


That’s six youngsters altogether that Robert De Niro phone call family. Despite they’re no as famed as their legend dad, a few in the De Niro clan have actually their own insurance claim to fame.

Drena De Niro is both an actress and a version who has adhered to her well known stepfather into cinema. Over the years, Drena has collected an outstanding resume of features, including a duty in the 2018 Oscar-nominated A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She additionally starred beside her stepfather in 2015’s Joy the contrary Jennifer Lawrence. Back she has actually yet come land herself a lead role, Drena may be the next De Niro to lug on the household name in Hollywood ~ Robert.

At one suggest in time, Raphel De Niro can have additionally followed in his father’s footsteps. As a child, he also appeared with his dad in films like Awakenings and also Raging Bull. However, as he grew up, Raphel uncovered that he had actually a knack for actual estate and became a broker. He’s right now the founder the the De Niro Team, a real estate advisory team that’s worked with numerous celebrities, consisting of John Bon Jovi and also Kelly Ripa.

Born in 2011, Helen De Niro is just 10 year old. As of yet, over there aren’t any type of talks of she being featured in any upcoming projects, yet given who her family is, that wouldn’t be a surprised to check out her in films later under the road. Her period puts her right in heat with several upcoming son actors functioning their way into gift the next stars of your generation. And also even though she hasn’t made any kind of noise yet, Helen De Niro may become the next in line to carry the family members torch ~ her huge sister Drena in an additional ten years.

But no issue what they choose to do, Robert De Niro will always be proud of his children. In one interview through People Magazine, the actor expressed his thoughts on their decisions to follow in his footsteps. “For mine kids, ns tell them, ‘if you desire to be an actor or you want to do this or that, that’s fine as lengthy as she happy. ”

“Just don’t offer yourself short. That’s the most I would say — press yourself a little much more and reach because that what you yes, really think the is you want to do. Don’t be afraid.”

De Niro emphatically reiterated his love and support because that his kids when he actor told US Weekly in 2019. “I love my children, simply being with them,” “It’s no easy. Occasionally it’s fun, and also you love your kids, and sometimes you want to kill them!” But, the course, it’s clear the man is only kidding around the killing part.

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Still, with six children, De Niro needs to be provided some credit. He’s attained years of endure that many parents couldn’t imagine having. And at 77, tho taking care of Helen, it’s clear that family is a large part of what keeps the going.