It’s no secret former brand-new England Patriots and current Tampa bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski is a ladies’ man. He offered to double as a male stripper in college. Reporters top top the beach aren’t safe from his flirting skills. Also his teammate, Tom Brady, once described his “amazing” penis. That’s a little too much information, if you ask me.

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Still, the three-time Super bowl champion is a catch. Since very first “retiring” from the game, he diversified his investment portfolio in some exciting ways. WWE signed him come a contract. He’s dabbled in the CBD industry. And because why not, that performed “I’m also Sexy” for millions of world on TV.

Gronk has actually recorded an ext than 500 receptions over his 10-year NFL career. The 32-year-old’s most impressive catch, however, isn’t any type of pass he caught in coach Bill Belichick’s offense or from Tom Brady. It’s his longtime girlfriend, former NFL cheerleader and Sports shown swimsuit design Camille Kostek.

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend Camille Kostek

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Camille Kostek and also Gronk are practically brand-new England royalty.

She was born in Killingworth, Connecticut in 1992. She to visit Haddam-Killingworth High institution in Higganum, Connecticut, then i graduated from eastern Connecticut State University v a degree in communications.

When she to be 21, Kostek joined the brand-new England Patriots cheerleading team in the 2013 season. She danced ~ above the sidelines for 2 years before calling the quits in ~ the finish of the 2015 season.

While quiet cheering, she stripped under to her bikini and also graced the covering of Sports shown Swimsuit Calendar in 2014. That opened up doors in the modeling world and she landed gigs and photoshoots through companies like Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, brand-new Balance and Nissan. She’s likewise walked the runway at brand-new York Fashion Week and also done work for Reebok, consisting of for the company’s Amazon storefront campaign.

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Maxim called the supermodel to its warm 100 perform of Sexiest females in the world in 2019, and also Sports shown plastered her on the cover of an worry the same year after being favored from hundreds of open spreading call candidates and also winning the SI swim Search in 2018.

Kostek to be one of 3 women to have their own swimsuit concern covers. Tyra Banks and also women’s football star Alex Morgan to be featured as well. In September 2020, Kostek served as hold of TBS’ gameshow “Wipeout.”