After the duty of a lifetime, Mitte is changing how people think about cerebral palsy and speaking out versus bullying.

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On the hit AMC television collection Breaking Bad, RJ Mitte portrayed Walter "Flynn" White Jr., a young male with cerebral palsy (CP), the neurologic problem that Mitte to be diagnosed v as a toddler. Among the few television actors through a visible disability, Mitte helped melted light on CP, which is marked by impaired engine coordination and also affects one in 323 children in the united States.


Unlike his on-screen character, Mitte has actually a milder kind of CP, and also does not usage crutches or slur his speech. Yet the 22-year-old actor has faced many that the very same medical and also social difficulties as White.

"People through CP get over hurdles every day," Mitte says. "One thing I"ve learned indigenous my impairment is that when there is an obstacle, friend adapt and also grow. You can"t let the obstacle rest you down and discourage you."

Adopted shortly after birth by beam Frank Mitte Jr. And also his wife, Dyna, Mitte was a happy kid who go on his toes together a toddler. Medical professionals told his parents the if the did not walk typically by period 4, lock would do a heel operation.

At the period of 3, a girlfriend of Mitte"s grandmother known the indicators of CP in RJ, and urged the family to have him evaluated at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Shreveport, LA, your hometown. There, medical professionals diagnosed Mitte with CP and formulated a treatment arrangement that consisted of wearing leg and also body casts and also night braces to straighten his limbs.

Braces, splints, or casts deserve to improve range of activity in joints and hand or leg function and joint security in children with CP, says Yolanda Holler-Managan, MD, a pediatric neurologist with commitment Children"s Hospital in Lubbock, TX, and a member of the American Academy of Neurology and also the Neurology Now editorial advisory board. "Early intervention has actually been presented to aid children through CP to develop much more normal posture, muscle tone, and also movement patterns," Dr. Holler-Managan says. "CP can"t be cured, however treatment can substantially improve a child"s speech and movement abilities."


Facing under Bullies

In enhancement to overcoming physical challenges, Mitte additionally had to learn how to deflect taunting by various other children.

"I was verbally harassed, knocked down, and also even had my hand broken," Mitte says. "Having CP do me a target for bullies, and also I learned that youngsters with disabilities space twice as likely to be bullied as other kids."

Mitte is a celebrity spokesperson because that a Shriners Hospitals because that Children project that asks civilization to take a pledge to stand up versus bullying. Courtesy Shriners Hospitals because that Children

In October, Mitte joined pressures with Shriners Hospitals for youngsters as the celebrity spokesperson for their "Cut the Bull" campaign. Pendant are urged to re-superstructure Mitte"s story, i m sorry is on on the reduced the Bull website, as well as to take a pledge at their college or in their neighborhood to stand up against bullying.

The actor states he to be fortunate to have had a couple of close friends who safeguarded him when he was bullied, and also he now urges others to it is in that type of friend.

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"When you see a kid being bullied, be that hero, and speak up and say something," Mitte says. "Be the advocate you would want someone to be because that you."

As a young boy, Mitte took both karate and also martial arts classes that no only assisted his spasticity, but additionally increased his confidence.