Reba McEntire isn’t just one of the biggest names in all of country music. She’s also a proud and also doting sister as well, sharing praise for her sister Susie.

Susie McEntire Eaton is a Christian singer and also has also gone right into TV hosting as well. She is hosting the 2nd season that “Jesus Calling: story of Faith” on the one Network. The show is Christian-based and focused on people recounting an individual stories that faith. Reba McEntire herself will make one appearance later on in the season.

On Twitter, she wrote, “So proud of mine sister Susie! track in to Tuesday nights in ~ 8 afternoon ET ~ above

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CircleAllAccess for Jesus Calling: story of Faith. I’ll be making an illustration on the show later this summer through our sister Alice.”

CircleAllAccess because that Jesus Calling: story of Faith. I’ll be making an appearance on the display later this summer v our sister Alice. Https://

— Reba (

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Reba McEntire’s Sister opens Up around Faith

In an interview with Christian Post, Reba McEntire’s sister Susie had actually a lot come say about her very own faith and upbringing together well.

Every person has actually a story come tell,” McEntire Eaton called The Christian Post.”They might not think your is as crucial as others, but it is. They have that story come share with the world. As we re-superstructure those stories, other civilization can listen that and also say, ‘I’m no alone,’ or, ‘Wow, I thought I had actually it really bad, but look at this people and what they’ve unable to do through, and also yet they’re tho standing and also taking a step forward.’”

The display is based upon a 2004 inspirational book, which also explored an individual stories that faith.

“When Jesus would come top top someone that was having actually a hard time, that would merely tell them, ‘Stand up,’” McEntire Eaton continued. “So, ns love story that help people stand up. In every story, yes sir something because that each among us to discover from.”

Later in the season, Susie and also her sisters will discuss their own childhood experience of faith growing up in Oklahoma. They will also return to the churches of their youth as well. The McEntire clan relied on faith much more than ever last year. Their mommy passed far after a harrowing and an extensive battle through cancer. The McEntire matriarch assisted introduce them to music.

“We flourished up singing Christian music, us were ‘The singing McEntires.’ We reduced our this in the honky-tonks and bars,” McEntire Eaton recalled. “We were way too young to it is in in those places, but we to be the entertainment, and my mother felt prefer we to be going to be able to learn so much being in those places. And also we did.”