Reba McEntire may have actually her hands complete with a time-consuming Hollywood career, however the “Fancy” songstress always makes time for her 6 kids. Although she technically has one biological child, Reba considers her ex-husbands’ youngsters her kiddos too, especially due to the fact that she’s never been a fan of words “stepchildren.”

Reba first experienced motherhood when she married steer-wrestling champion and also rancher Charlie war in 1976. In ~ the time, the Grammy winner became a mother number to his two then-teenage sons, Lance Battles and Coty Battles. Also after the duo separation in 1987, Reba kept a relationship with the boys.

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Following her an initial union, the nation icon go on come marry music manager Narvel Blackstock in 1989. Upon their nuptials, Reba got three more additions to she family: Shawna Blackstock, Brandon Blackstock and also Chassidy Blackstock, who Narvel shares v ex-wife Elisa Gayle Ritter.

Sweetly enough, the Reba star look at the TV producer’s kiddos together her own flesh and blood. “I don’t think about Brandon, Chassidy and Shawna stepchildren,” she gushed come The Boot in 2010. “I case them all.”

The “Nights the lights Went out in Georgia” singer might love being the stepmom to 5 incredible children, yet she couldn’t have actually been happier when she and also Narvel welcomed their an initial and just child together, son Shelby Blackstock, in 1990.


“Shelby has lugged us a lot of years of joy and also laughter,” the proud mommy told The Boot. “He’s a funny guy. Girlfriend don’t recognize from day to day if that will certainly last or where he will certainly be following week.”

Even despite Reba likewise called that quits through Narvel ~ 26 years of marital relationship in 2015, she will never ever let walk of the shortcut she produced with his children. This way the nation crooner will constantly support Brandon, Chassidy and also Shawna.

In June 2020, Brandon and estranged wife Kelly Clarkson announced your divorce following almost eight years together. Due to the fact that the shocking news to be shared, Reba has been “torn” over the split, an insider said Closer Weekly in beforehand December.


Because she “adores all your children,” consisting of the “Because the You” singer, who was her previous daughter-in-law, “Reba is upper heart over her divorce,” the resource revealed. “She loves Brandon and Kelly like her own, she refuses to choose sides, yet she’s afraid of how contentious it’s getting.”

Knowing Reba, she’ll try to lend a hand in any means she can.

Scroll through the gallery below to learn an ext about her 6 kids!


Coty Battles

Coty was one of Reba’s very first stepchildren with her marriage to his dad, Charlie. According to reports, Coty adhered to in his father’s steer-wrestling footsteps before settling under as a rancher.

Nowadays, Coty now lives in Waco, Texas, and has been date his girlfriend, Amy Huffman, since 2016, every his facebook page.


Lance Battles

Unlike his brother, there isn’t much info out there around Lance, who is the 2nd of Reba’s stepsons v her an initial marriage. At the time Charlie died in 2013 after suffering heart failure and complications from a stroke, his obituary evidenced he was endured by his second wife, Donna Granger, and his sons, Coty and Lance.

Shawna Rene Blackstock

Shawna was born in 1973 to her dad, Narvel, and his very first wife, Elisa, who he married that same year. She came to be Reba’s stepdaughter when her dad stated “I do” to the country singer in 1989.

Although her dad is a well known music manager and also TV producer, Shawna continued to be out that the spotlight most of she life. She is active on social media, such as Instagram, but her account is private, and also she only permits her friends and also family to follow.

Brandon Blackstock

Reba’s most well-known stepchild needs to be Brandon, that was born top top December 16, 1976. The famous talent manager followed in his dad’s entertainment footsteps together he married Kelly in 2013.

After Brandon popped the concern in December 2012, Reba as soon as told Katie Couric she was “thrilled to death” to have the American Idol alum sign up with the family. “To have actually my buddy together my daughter-in-law, i mean, who can ask for more?” she marveled. “ a girl with a large heart. Very giving, loving, and also talented.”

During your marriage, Brandon became the dad of their kids, river Rose and also Remington. That is likewise the father of Savannah and Seth, who he shares with his very first spouse, Melissa Ashworth.

Sadly, Brandon and also Kelly finished their marriage simply months prior to their 8 hours wedding anniversary. Follow to one insider, Reba was very “supportive” of your decision. “She to know it’s hard enough working on your own relationship, however she observed this Kelly and Brandon separation coming native a mile away,” a resource told Closer in June.

Chassidy Celeste Blackstock

Narvel and also his ex invited their third child, Chassidy, in 1978. Prefer her larger sister, there isn’t a many of details out there about Chassidy together she’s additionally strayed from the limelight and also keeps her social media profiles on private.

Shelby Blackstock

Reba’s only organic child, Shelby, was born ~ above February 23, 1990. After attending college in the late 2000s, he ended up leaving institution to become a full time race automobile driver. Since 2012, he has actually raced in ~ the united state F2000 nationwide Championship, the agree Mazda Championship and the Indy Lights.

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According come his digital bio, Shelby “grew up accustomed come the fast-paced, high adrenaline way of life synonymous through an entertainment artist of Reba’s caliber.”

As a proud mom, the previous Reba actress has actually supported her boy throughout the years. In January 2020, she praised her handsome child for competing in the Daytona worldwide Speedway. “A mama is only as happy together her youngsters are. Shelby, ‘Love getting ago at Daytona worldwide Speedway because that the #roar,’” she created via Instagram.

We love Reba almost as lot as she loves she kids!

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