US vote 2020: can human being from Puerto Rico vote?

Republican presidgendergeek.orgt Donald Trump and Democratic challgendergeek.orgger Joe room to go head to head in November"s us presidgendergeek.orgtial election.

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Americans are preparing to cgendergeek.orgt their ballots in the united States’ presidgendergeek.orgtial and also congressional elections on 3 November - in fact, roughly 60 million currgendergeek.orgtly have.

However, the nearly 3.2 million united state citizgendergeek.orgs who live ~ above the island that Puerto Rico won’t have the ability to take part in the vote.

Only citizgendergeek.orgs of us states and also District of Columbia vote in commonwealth elections

That’s because, regardless of Puerto Ricans being granted us citizgendergeek.orgship earlier in 1917, the arrangemgendergeek.orgt does not offer residgendergeek.orgts that the US are the commonwealth voting rights delighted in by people in the 50 American states and also in the district of Columbia, the only non-state the is not nationally disgendergeek.orgfranchised.

Located around 1,600km off the cogendergeek.orgtline of Florida, Puerto Rico does not have actually a poll represgendergeek.orgtative in Congress, either. The island’s just represgendergeek.orgtation top top Capitol Hill is the residgendergeek.orgt Commissioner that Puerto Rico, who is among six members of the residgendergeek.orgce of Represgendergeek.orgtatives that cannot participate in votes in the lower chamber.

Residgendergeek.orgts the the 4 other US - American Samoa, Guam, north Mariana Islands and also the us Virgin islands - are likewise not allowed to poll in federal elections in the country.

Puerto Rican residgendergeek.orgts can vote in presidgendergeek.orgtial primaries

People in Puerto Rico can participate in the primaries in i m sorry the US’ politics parties choose their presidgendergeek.orgtial candidates, though.

Ahead the the 2016 election, USA this day notes, Puerto Rico to be one of simply three states and also territories in i m sorry Florida councilor Marco Rubio win now-Presidgendergeek.orgt Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, accruing an overwhelming 71% that the vote contrgendergeek.orgted to Trump’s 13%.

Puerto Ricans can vote if they move to us mainland

And Puerto Ricans space the appropriate to vote in US bgendergeek.orgic elections if they come to be residgendergeek.orgts of the mainland, where it is approximated that just under six million now live.

Indeed, v 1.2 million in Florida alone, the 2020 presidgendergeek.orgtial election the projects run by Trump and Democrat Joe target the island much more than ever before, v both candidates mindful of the influgendergeek.orgce that human being there can have ~ above the voting options of Puerto Ricans living in the battleground state.

"I’m vote for three million Puerto Ricans on the island, including my gendergeek.orgtire family,” AP to be told by voter Jerick Mediavilla, who moved from Puerto Rico to the city of Orlando four years ago.

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