Thanks come Google, we can see the concerns that our visitors type in prior to they come to our website. “Is Puerto Rico a state?” they desire to know, and also “Why isn’t Puerto Rico a state?” and also “What state is Puerto Rico in?” however once they gain past those basics, we’re see a question that is ending up being much more common now, in this election year.

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“Can Puerto Ricans vote?” “Can Puerto Rico vote?” “Why can’t Puerto Rico vote for president?” “Why deserve to Puerto Rico vote in us elections?” these are several of the means that this concern is phrased, and thousands of world have asked.

So here’s the answer.

U.S. Citizens carry out not vote directly for ours president. Citizens in each state poll for representatives who vote on our behalf.

Each state has electors: one because that each representative in Congress and also one for each Senator. In ~ the moment, there space 538 electors. As soon as the civilization of a state have actually voted because that president, the state determines how many electors each candidate has. Most states have actually a winner-take-all system: whoever had the largest variety of votes gets all the electors.

There space a couple of says that divide the electors up amongst the candidates in proportion to the variety of votes castle received, yet in many cases, if a candidate wins a state that or she will gain the votes of every the electors of the state.

The electors for each state fulfill in their says in December after ~ the November election. They actors their votes and send the information to the Congress. In January, the votes room officially counting in Congress and also the Vice president of the United says (who is the president of the Senate) announces the results.

More top top the Electoral College:

So the isn’t so lot that Puerto Ricans can’t vote, yet that Puerto Rico, having no electors, can’t vote. Puerto Rico has actually no electors due to the fact that Puerto Rico has no vote members the Congress and no senators.

People native Puerto Rico deserve to vote in presidential vote if they move to a state. Civilization from states can’t poll in a presidential choice if they move to Puerto Rico.

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Is this best or fair? No. Citizens of a nation should be able to vote in presidential elections. Castle should have actually representation in the legislature, too, and if Puerto Rico had actually representation in the legislator, Puerto Rico would likewise have electors — and also Puerto Rico could vote in the presidential election.