Puerto Ricans have actually voted because that statehood, however unfortunately it"s not their call. < RICARDO ARDUENGO | AP >
We can all agree that in a democratic society, poll should have consequences. Unfortunately, the general rule does not apply to Puerto Rico, whose citizens have actually voted in favor of statehood for the island 3 times over the past decade, come no avail. Thankfully, the congressional representative because that Puerto Rico, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, took activity to honor the voice and vote of the civilization of Puerto Rico by presenting legislation to finally make Puerto Rico a state. However, in order for the will of the Puerto Rican people to ultimately be brought out, Rep. Gonzalez-Colon demands support from members the Congress prefer Scott Franklin and also Greg Steube.

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Ruby wake < noted >

The condition of Puerto Rico has actually been debated for a century, and also the just thing civilization seem to agree ~ above is that the territorial option is just not working. Although Puerto Ricans room American citizens, the civilization of Puerto Rico perform not have any kind of representation in the Senate, and also those that live on the island room not allowed to poll in ours presidential elections. It is challenging to comprehend just how a citizen of our nation who is living in Puerto Rico is permitted to serve in our armed services, yet they are not allowed to poll for your commander-in-chief. The only opportunity Puerto Ricans need to voice their legal rights in conference is with Rep. Gonzalez-Colon. However, back she can introduce the necessary legislation, she cannot poll in donate of the law on the home floor.

One of the founding values of our nation is that our government should govern v the consent of the governed, the is, the people. It is a rule so deeply held that the was among the primary reasons our co-founder rebelled versus the crown. Yet virtually 250 year later, we are allowing Puerto Ricans to be relegated to second-class status because of congressional inaction.

It is not just the rights being refuse to Puerto Ricans that must urge conference to act. Anyone knows that the current territorial standing of Puerto Rico will certainly not critical forever, specifically given Puerto Ricans’ opposition come the condition quo. This method that the island’s whole governmental framework is topic to change, and also no one knows as soon as that will happen. This apprehension discourages enterprise from creating themselves ~ above the island, which more hinders economic growth in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is in dire need of brand-new businesses which will in turn carry out employment avenues to assist reinvigorate their economic climate — and to avoid the mind drain that currently happens together Puerto Ricans head stateside looking for employment opportunities.


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It is unfortunate that statehood — the objectively appropriate thing come do and also what the Puerto Rican people have asked because that — has end up being a political issue, pitting Republicans against Democrats. This is not surprising, given the partisanship in Congress. The falsely perpetuated fear that Puerto Rico will certainly be a “blue” state is simply unfounded. In fact, the statehood bill that was presented in Congress was by Rep. Gonzalez-Colon, who caucuses with Republicans and just won an island-wide election. Puerto Rico has elected right-leaning governors, and also leaders in both your House and Senate. Therefore, if Puerto Rico is admitted, the will most likely be a “swing” state and also present opportunities for both Republicans and also Democrats come fight and earn the assistance of Puerto Ricans. Irrespective of its standing as a totter state, the focal point should be the all citizens of the united States have the rights provided to them in ours constitution, also if lock live in Puerto Rico.

The world of Puerto Rico have to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the president’s administration and the laws passed by Congress. Therefore, the logical and also moral point to perform would be because that Reps. Franklin and also Steube to support Rep. Gonzalez-Colon’s statehood invoice and assist give the human being of Puerto Rico their full voice, and also the full rights afforded to all citizens the the united States.

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