Customer question. Ns love so lot of the bakery items in ~ publix yet I am never ever sure what it excellent there indigenous scratch and also what come in frozen then prepared. Can you help me out?

Apple Pies?

Key Lime Pies?




The breakfast pastries, like the cinnamon rolls and also the coffee cakes?

Are all the breads really made from scratch there, favor the french, cuban, baguettes, etc?

Very curious, and also thank you.

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If the brand sealing the container is a share black message on white matte paper, climate it is likely made fresh in the store. If the brand closing the package has actually a glossy coat and also yellow stripe wherein it claims Publix, then that is a big indicator the it comes frozen.

That's no the case. Nearly every solitary item come in frozen. Us either end up it by baking it off, adding a whipped topping border, ect. The only items do from scrape are many of the breads. The greenwise, artisan (and i think rye) space frozen loafs we simply defrost.

Most that the bread is made from scratch. Italian, Chicago, sourdough etc. We make buttercream native scratch. Choose the guy said earlier, the label will let you know if it’s make in save or sent in together RTS(ready to serve). Us no longer make whatever from scratch favor years ago. Numerous moons earlier nearly it to be a complete fledged bakery and an extremely labor intensive. Our assets are wonderful and just due to the fact that the apple pie to be made in ~ the tree doesn’t take far from the reality that we carry out bake the in store. We bake love into it the our competitors can’t complete with. At the very least I think that love.

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Not everything comes in frozen. A difference needs to it is in made in mine opinion to different us native the competition. Look at our buttercream, Walmart stuffs theirs v oil and also it come in prepared to use in a bucket. We usage fresh butter which gives our buttercream the signature texture and (non-oily) flavor. A lot of the bread ~ above the wall surface is quiet made native scratch, and also by need customers have the right to still request all of the scratch made cookies, pastries favor raspberry cigars, cowboy cookie etc. I observed in a vault comment that yours the you room interested in ending up being an assistant keep manager. As genuine advice I’m informing you to be mindful of saying something so broad to a customer, various other manager, etc. Management looks for an knowledge of the differentiating determinants in each department in a contender. (Produce receive a truck through fresh items daily, deli chicken is double breaded and never frozen), and someone that champions that.