In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or no omeprazole can assist reduce abdominal pain brought about by overabundance gas.

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Mohamad asked

Hi, I have severe gas, bloating, ede and abdominal pain appropriate now. Ns am acquisition omeprazole but that didn"t assist much. Now I am feel actual pain in my chest. Any suggestions?

At a glance

room you positive this is gas related pain? much more serious conditions can feel prefer gas. Omeprazole doesn"t work-related right away. The takes at the very least 3 job or so to start to provide relief. That may additionally not be the ideal option to treat overfill gas. Execute you know any foods the make this gas pain worse? shot recording her food in a journal. Take into consideration trying other drugs such together simethicone.


Hi Mohamad and also thanks for reaching out come us.

Before we start to go over some options, space you optimistic that this is gas connected pain? Sometimes, pain native gas and also a heart strike or chest pain can have very comparable symptoms. If you room not positive that you are having actually gas related pains, I would certainly advise seeking instant medical attention, simply to it is in sure. If you space feeling a radiating pain that spreads to your arms, back, or jaw, enduring shortness the breath, cold sweats, or sudden dizziness; these are common heart strike symptoms. Please seek prompt medical fist if this is the case.

Assuming that you space truly having gas issues and also gastrointestinal discomfort, omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, does work for most people for cradle discomfort, however it might not it is in the best selection if the only worry is overabundance gas.

Omeprazole help to alleviate acid levels, helping through indigestion or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) symptoms, but it deserve to take some time to begin working. Not just does it commonly need to it is in taken when a day, 30-60 minutes before a meal, it typically needs to be taken because that at the very least 3 days for it to start to work properly. It does not work-related immediately. If you space taking it sometimes for stomach associated issues, it’s not going come help.

Going earlier to concerns with gas, execute you know what foodstuffs make the gas pains worse? If not, you might want to start to store a food journal, and see if you have actually symptoms after having a certain form of food. Because that example, I’ve found that i don’t carry out so fine after eat deep fried food. I deserve to have a small serving, however anything beyond that and also my GI device stays angry at me for a work or two. I would recommend keeping a food newspaper for a mainly or 2 to view if you discover any kind of foods that seem come make points worse.

One good option to treat excess gas try might be the over the respond to drug simethicone (sold under several different brand names, including Gas-X). Simethicone doesn’t alleviate gas from gift produced, however it can assist break it increase which helps with the discomfort and pain. In the quick term, this might be a great option till you obtain a far better idea what is resulting in the gas associated pains.

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This isn"t to say omeprazole won"t work-related for some civilization who are creating excess gas, that just could not be the safest (long term use of drugs like omeprazole are associated with some an unfavorable side effects, like enhanced cardiovascular risk and also osteoporosis) or most efficient option.