If you"re team Popeyes in the raging Chicken Sandwich Wars, the latest news about your favorite entrant will make the delicious, crispy chicken item even more satisfying. Popeyes has announced the it will certainly be upgrading all of the chicken assets on its food selection by removed the negative stuff you"ll usually find in rapid food. The includes fabricated preservatives and antibiotics, which will be removed from Popeyes" recipes.

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The chain has released a checklist that food quality commitments for the next 5 years, which will go a long means in making your food healthier and more sustainable. The new effort puts Popeyes at the exact same level together McDonald"s, whose comparable sustainability objectives are fine underway. (Related: McDonald"s Is Making this 8 major Upgrades.)

First and foremost, Popeyes is remove antibiotics from your chicken supply chain in the U.S. And Canada by the finish of this year. Furthermore, the agency will execute away v colors, flavors, and also preservatives derived from synthetic sources from every fried chicken menu items by the finish of 2022.

Better eggs were also part of the chain"s animal welfare and also sustainability goals. By the year 2025, the chain will certainly be using cage-free eggs because that 99% that all your egg demands globally, which incorporate whole eggs, liquid eggs, egg products, and also egg ingredients; by 2030, the percentage must reach 100.

Popeyes" packaging is becoming much more sustainable, too. Foam cups will be replaced by document cups, and also by the finish of this year, every one of the chain"s fiber-based packaging will certainly be obtained from certified forest-friendly or recycled materials.

These commitments will enable us every to feel far better about heading to your drive-thru number of times a week.

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