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party of Poland spring water ~ above a conveyer belt in the Hollis facility on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Getty pictures

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Just how much of the water in a Poland Spring bottle actually comes from a organic spring? follow to a recent lawsuit versus the company, “not one drop.”

Two years ago, a class-action lawsuit filed against Nestlé Waters, which owns Poland Spring, claimed that the company was deceiving client by offering them “ordinary groundwater” that Poland feather “collects native wells it drilled,” and also marketing it as “100% organic spring water.” The suit dubbed Poland Spring’s water “a colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”

Nestlé tried to obtain the instance dismissed, yet on march 28, a united state district judge in Connecticut ruled that plaintiffs native eight states, including Massachusetts, brand-new York, and also Pennsylvania, deserve to pursue your lawsuit versus the company. These consumers say they are seeking damages due to the fact that Nestlé “intentionally hidden that that is Poland spring Water does not comply v the standard of identification for feather water under state law,” every the new York Times.

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In a statement come, a Nestlé Waters spokesperson dubbed the sue “meritless” and also said the agency would proceed to fight it.

“Nothing in the Court’s recent decision undermines ours confidence in our overall legal position. Us will continue to defend our Poland spring Brand vigorously,” the spokesperson said. “Consumers deserve to be i was sure in the accuracy of the labels on every party of Poland Spring, and that Poland feather Brand natural spring water is simply what it claims it is — 100 percent herbal spring water.”

This is not the first time Nestlé has been accused of false advertising. In 2003, follow to the Washington Post, it paid $10 million come charity after it was hit with a similar class-action lawsuit about Poland Spring and false advertising. This suit, however, illustrates just how some water carriers are able to perhaps fudge the an interpretation of “spring water,” and highlights just how murky the industry have the right to be.

The lawsuit’s claims against Poland Spring

According come the global Bottled Water Association, the united state spends about $18 exchange rate on bottled water every year. Consumers an international drink an ext than $200 billion precious of bottled water annually, and the united state is the second-largest customer of bottled water, just behind China. In this profitable industry, over there are huge companies like Pepsi-owned Aquafina, Coke-owned Dasani, and also Danone-owned Evian.

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Nestlé-owned Poland feather is appropriate up there, too. Per the lawsuit, the brand sells around 1 billion gallons of water to 13 million american every year.