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plan Parenthood damaged a record for abortions in a solitary year, even as that is other clinical services declined. Michael B. Cutting board / Stringer / Getty pictures

Planned Parenthood’s annual report reveals that the company will continue prioritizing abortion as various other services decline.

Planned Parenthood’s reported private contributions fell to $591.3 million in 2019 native $630 million in 2018.

Abortion is plan Parenthood’s priority, and Americans need to not carry out the organization with an ext than a half-billion dollars every year.

It’s to be a turbulent last two years in ~ Planned Parenthood, v a leadership shakeup including the ouster of Dr. Leana Wen together president, and the installment of Alexis mc glitter Johnson together acting president.

But that upheaval didn’t stop Planned Parenthood from having a banner year in offering abortion on demand, as its brand-new report shows.

The report, which was released quiet this week, states that planned Parenthood affiliates performed 345,672 abortions indigenous Oct. 1, 2017, come Sept. 30, 2018—the highest number of abortions ever before reported in a solitary year. 

Planned Parenthood saw about 2.4 million patients throughout that time—about the same as critical year however down indigenous 3 million as newly as 10 year ago. Meanwhile, the various other services planned Parenthood affiliates offer decreased in use.

During this time period, there were: 

520,710 chest exams and pap tests, down from 570,444 in the previous year’s report.566,186 cancer screenings and also prevention procedures, under from 614,361.213,042 well-woman exams, under from 216,722.2,556,413 provisions of birth manage information and services, down from 2,620,867.

The increased focus on abortion has proven lucrative. In the year the Wen was in charge, planned Parenthood reported:

Almost $2 billion in network assets, increase from $1.9 exchange rate in 2018 before Wen took over.$1.6 exchange rate in full revenue, comparable to 2018.Planned Parenthood eliminated the section from previous reports specifying overfill of revenue over expenses, but based turn off the complete reported revenue and expenses, overfill revenue in 2019 was approximately $110 million—down indigenous $245 million in 2018 and comparable to the $98.5 million reported in 2017.

The increases came indigenous fees because that services, no donations. Plan Parenthood’s reported personal contributions dropped to $591.3 million in 2019 from $630 million in 2018. Likewise, the number of unique separation, personal, instance contributors dropped from 1.5 million in 2018 to 1.1 million in 2019. 

As the Susan B. Anthony List notes, abortions make up 95% of plan Parenthood’s pregnancy resolutions services, and for every adoption referral, to plan Parenthood performed nearly 81 abortions throughout the 2018-2019 reporting year. 

Once again, planned Parenthood’s annual report reveals that the organization will continue prioritizing abortion as other services decline—it is the most financially rewarding line the business. 

Therefore, us shouldn’t have actually been surprised critical summer as soon as Planned Parenthood announced it would forgo numerous dollars in federal funding rather than comply through the trump administration’s new regulations the strengthen the rules in the commonwealth government’s family members planning program against funding program that take into consideration abortion a technique of household planning. 

Planned Parenthood to be unwilling to physically and also financially separate its abortion task from title X-supported activity, therefore it quit participating in the regimen altogether. 

Abortion is to plan Parenthood’s priority, and also Americans must not carry out the organization with much more than a half-billion dollars every year. Instead, policy makers should straight those accumulation to the hundreds of centers that carry out health treatment to women without entangling those services with abortion on demand.

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This story has actually been updated come reflect the Leana Wen to be president of plan Parenthood because that one year.