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2016Donald Trump

In march 2016, PPV partnered with priorities USA action to develop a five-figure online project targeting 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.<5>

“Donald Trump’s clear neglect for women’s health and lives is staggering,” stated Deirdre Schifeling, PPV executive director. “We know what that looks choose to see women punished for having an abortion: it is currently happening throughout this country, and the consequences are devastating. However this shocking view is not new: the is a component of the Republican party platform, and also it’s what anti-abortion politicians like Ted Cruz and also John Kasich have been vote on and also enacting for years. One in three women will have actually an abortion in she lifetime. Those women deserve to access medical treatment without fear of violence, harassment, or punishment. It’s clear that Donald Trump and also his anti-abortion agenda is far too excessive for the females of this country.”<5>

Kelly Ayotte

In April 2016. PPV invested $400,000 ~ above a television ad campaign come target U.S. Councilor Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.).<6>

“Kelly Ayotte may shot to repaint herself as pro-woman, but her record tells a really different story. Every chance she’s acquired she’s voted to ‘defund’ plan Parenthood and also cut females off from vital health treatment like bear control and breast and cervical cancer screenings," said PPV executive Director Deirdre Schifeling in a statement. "She has actually been advocating because that years to ban women’s accessibility to safe, legal abortion, and it’s clear she now sees her possibility in the supreme Court process. Kelly Ayotte is refusing to perform her job, and abdicating her constitutional duty, in order to push severe agenda that no one in brand-new Hampshire wants. Enough is enough. Kelly Ayotte’s bad politics might have repercussions for a lifetime.”<7>


During the 2014 choice cycle, PPV opposed Ken Cuccinelli in his project for governor of Virginia.<8>



The adhering to table outlines to plan Parenthood Votes" annual federal receipts and disbursements follow to the federal Election Commission:<2>

annual federal receipts and disbursements for Planned Parenthood Votes, 2010-2016 Year complete receipts total disbursements
2016$21,019,958 $21,389,743
2015$1,246,939.26 $233,361.67
2014$6,130,339.46 $6,367,494.46
2013$1,695,825.22 $1,810,241.54
2012$5,394,065.56 $6,031,070.22
2011$1,051,948.68 $65,810.63
2010$328,491.91 $196,184.87


As that October 2016, according to a press release indigenous the organization, Deirdre Schifeling to be the executive, management director of planned Parenthood Votes.<7>

Legal status

Planned Parenthood Votes is a super PAC. A super PAC is a political committee that deserve to solicit and spend endless sums the money. A super PAC cannot add directly come a politician or political party, however it have the right to spend separately to campaign for or versus political figures. These committees are additionally called elevation expenditure-only committees. A at sight PAC is no legally thought about a political activity committee (PAC) and also as such is regulation under different rules.<9><10>

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