I'm thinking around joining world Fitness, as my main gym fees $50 and I barely walk to it (probably $22 membership together I have a friend I chosen to work-related out with and also he deserve to every as soon as in a while). Yet one point I love to perform at mine old gym was complimentary weights and weight machines. I understand PF is much more "Cardio" and the layout I'm reading is lock discourage "meatheads", but I'm no looking to end up being a human body builder, an ext like tone myself through some muscular development. Is this feasible at PF? could be a dumb question however whenever I see commercials about it I always see Cardio makers are hardly ever the weight machines they actually have.

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I to be a complimentary weights only, anti earth fitness mentality PF member lol.

What they have that’s good: dumbbells up to 75 pounds, and also a nice adjustable dip/pull increase machine.

With the dumbbells, you have room to flourish unless friend can currently press and row 75 lb dumbbells. You have the right to do weighted dips and also pull ups. Because that legs you can do various variations of weighted squats consisting of 1 legged variations, reverse lunges, etc. You have the right to do sports of deadlift yet this is the most problem movement with the tools obtainable imo, together you’ll have the ability to lift 75s really quickly or more than likely without any type of experience.

I think this gives most civilization a great amount of room come grow, unless you have an already solid stamin base. If you are close to or already can press/row 75s I’d walk somewhere else.

I had actually LA and also moved to PF (opened closer to mine house). The has every little thing I need to stick come my continuous routine.

I’d to speak the only area the differences between those 2 for me (every place is a little different) is PF doesn’t have actually a squat rack (which ns knew) so Smith maker or nada but they do have actually this committed 360 area in mine that has actually TRX cables and a bunch that really fun stuff that has actually let me change out my workouts a small bit and I think entirely makes up for the absence of squat rack.

For mine PF ar too, due to the fact that it is an ext of a cardio form place, all the weights and machines are empty which is gloriously different than mine old LA lol

I think the discouragement to be a marketing niche to lure non-typical gym enthusiasm to authorize up. I have both LA Fitness and also Planet Fitness and also use both regularly.

I to be actually cultivation fond of world Fitness. While there are plenty the cardio machines and also weight machines (and area), the totally free weights there are offered in smith machines. Over there are likewise dumbbells however those max out at 70/75.

Depending on her size and also strength, you'll have the ability to do most of her workouts there. Yes, that is possible. It isn't the type of maker or tools that will certainly make girlfriend toner. It's in reality going, the diet and believing in yourself.

I say execute it! :-)

Ignore the advertisements-that is for this reason the civilization who don't walk to the gym can subsidize the expense for the world who execute go. PF has many cardio-bunny wannabes paying the membership, but the only people I see show up room "lunks" in ~ the cost-free weights. 95% of the people actually in ~ the gym space lifting types and the dress code/water dominance is mostly only imposed if the affects their liability. I'd take the totally free tour if i were friend to see if the fits your needs.

free weights there are dumbbells the go approximately 75lb and fixed bars and curl bars the go up to 60lb and also kettlebells. Yes sir no Olympic bars or squat racks just smith machines.

I walk to PF because that the weight machines and there's many of meat civilization chillin.

I think you'll be ok.

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Planet fitness is a value oriented gym. It's largely for human being looking to improve their fitness and not aimed in ~ bodybuilding.