The demand for an elderly discounts proceeds to thrive as boomers and also seniors alike space feeling the pinch of boosted prices. This perform of senior discounts on restaurants is dependent on you, our Community Members!


We reached out to all of the national chains, but some chose not to reply. Many of the discounts listed below are readily available by franchise owner in local markets. Together such, the senior discounts can vary and readjust without notice.

2021 perform of senior Discounts Restaurants

Applebee’s an elderly Discount: 10-15% turn off (varies by location) might require golden Apple card (60+) verifiedArby’s senior Discount: 10% off – likewise reports the a free drink (55+) varies by locationA&W an elderly Discount all American Food: 10% an elderly discount varies by place verifiedBackyard Burger: cost-free drink through purchaseBennigan’s an elderly Discount: Discount varies by place (60+)Bob’s big Boy: Discount varies by location (60+)Bonefish Grill senior Discount: AARP members 10% turn off verifiedBoston Market an elderly Discounts: Discount varies by location (65+)Burger King senior Discount: 10% off (60+) plus added discounts top top coffee and also soft drinksBubba Gump Shrimp Company: 10% off for AARP Members, 10% army discount verifiedCaptain D’s Seafood: “Happy Wednesday Offer” Choice the 8 meals + drink because that $4.99 or less- different by loc. (62+) verifiedCarrabba’s Italian Grill: 10% off entire meal because that AARP Members- no valid at Kirby and Woodway locations in Houston, TX verifiedCarrows Restaurants: gold 55 Menu: uses discounted breakfast, lunch & dinner (55+) verifiedChart House: 10% off for AARP members just verifiedChick-fil-A senior Discounts: Chick-fil-A uses a complimentary refillable an elderly drink, not consisting of coffee. – varies by location.Chili’s Restaurants senior Discounts: Chili’s supplies a 10% senior discount (55+) verifiedCiCi’s Pizza: indigenous website “Many of our stores perform offer (senior) discounts” varies by place verifiedClaim Jumper: 10% off for AARP members verifiedCorky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery: supplies special senior menu and a Senior’s constant Diner card (buy 9 gain 1 free) (55+) verifiedCountry Kitchen: an excellent Senior Menu (55+) verifiedCulvers Corner: 10% off senior discount (60+)Dairy Queen: 10% turn off for seniors (15% because that coaches) varies by ar (free little drink at part locations)Denny’s: senior discount different by location, 15% turn off for AARP members verifiedDunkin’ Donuts senior Discount: AARP members receive a complimentary donut v the acquisition of a big or XL beverage (at participating restaurants) verified

Einstein’s Bagels: 10% off (60+)El Pollo Loco: 10% senior discount (60+), 15% military discount verifiedFazoli’s: sign up with “Club 62” for special senior menu items (62+) verifiedFriendly’s Restaurants: 10% off enjoy the meal w/ cost-free coffee at breakfast or complimentary small sundae during non-breakfast hours verifiedFuddrucker’s senior Discounts: 10% turn off any senior platter (55+)Gatti’s Pizza: 10% turn off (60+)Golden Corral: an elderly discount varies by ar verifiedHardee’s: $0.33 beverages daily -also reports the 10% off (52+)IHOP: great discounts on an elderly menu items (55+) verifiedJack in the Box: approximately 20% turn off (55+)KFC: complimentary small drink with any type of meal (55+)Krispy Kreme an elderly Discount: 10% turn off (50+) (age and discount varies depending upon location). Totally free donut with the purchase of coffee Feb 6-28, 2017 verified view detailsLandry’s Seafood senior Discounts: 10% turn off for AARP members (50+) verifiedLong man Silver’s: assorted discounts at areas (55+)McCormick & Schmick’s: 10% savings on food and also beverages (excluding alcohol) because that AARP members (50+) verifiedMcDonald’s: Discounts on coffee daily (55+)Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating places (60+)The Oceanaire Seafood Room: AARP members get 10% off of food and also non-alcoholic beverages (every day). VerifiedOutback Steakhouse: 10% turn off AARP members because that meals (alcohol excluded) verifiedOld country Buffet: everyday discounts for seniors (55+) verifiedPapa John’s senior Discount: Papa John’s states to examine with your local stores (meaning no standard an elderly discount policy). Shot coupon password GET40 or 25OFF. AMAC members obtain 25% off, get in code “25SAVE” verifiedPerkins an elderly Discount: Fifty-Five add to menu Offers one-of-a-kind deals (55+) verifiedPolo Tropical: 10% turn off (50+)Ponderosa Steak Houses: an elderly Discounts Vary- an elderly menu accessible (60+)Rainforest Cafe: 10% off for AARP members (50+) verifiedRichie Roman’s Barbecue: 10% off (52+)SaltGrass an elderly Discounts: save 10% for AARP members (50+) verifiedShoney’s that Knoxville: sign up with the Shoney’s “Golden period Club” for 10% turn off (60+) verifiedSizzler: offers “Honored Guest Menu” (60+) different by place verifiedSonic: 10% turn off or free beverage (60+) different by locationSubway: 10% off (60+) different by ar verifiedTaco Bell: 5% off; totally free beverages because that seniors (65+)TCBY: 10% turn off (55+)Tea Room Cafe: 10% off for seniors (50+)The Old Spaghetti Factory: Spaghetti factory “Senior Menu” uses a discounted perform of menu items verifiedTraditions Restaurant (East TX): senior platter meal for $4.71 (50+) verifiedUno Pizzaria & Grill: “Double Nickel Club” 25% turn off on Wednesday (55+) verifiedVillage Inn: 10% turn off (60+)Waffle House senior Discounts: 10% off every Monday (60+)Wendy’s an elderly Discount: an elderly age and also the special sell will vary depending upon the restaurant location. Please ask the restaurant because that details.

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VerifiedWhataburger: free drink w/ purchase of a meal- different by loc. (55+)White Castle: 10% off (62+)

We’ll proceed to update this list v your assist (use the comments area)! If you have actually verified discounts come add, we’ll carry out that real-time with each other