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There space a many pizza options out there, however not all pizza is developed equal. Currently I myself am no terribly picky about pizza – i love just about every pie i’ve tried. But my children are pretty vocal about the pizza they prefer over the rest, and that’s always Pizza Hut Stuffed crust Pizza. 

History and Inspiration

In 1995, Pizza Hut introduced the Stuffed crust Pizza, i beg your pardon was invented by Patty Scheibmeir. Her an approach includes pole of mozzarella string cheese packed right into dough before baking, however her methodology took about three year to develop. While it may have actually seemed revolutionary in ~ the time, it no come there is no backlash. A Brooklyn-based cheese-maker called Anthony Mongiello patented his ingredient crust pizza an approach in 1987, and sued Pizza Hut because that infringement because that $1 billion in 1999. Unfortunately for Mr. Mongiello, he lost the situation on the grounds the the products were comparable but the patent hadn’t been infringed. 

Stuffed crust pizza increased organization at Pizza Hut by 37%. Since the external crust is filled v cheese, the chain designed a special dough formula that does not increase as high together the original. 

Since its invention in 1995, stuffed crust pizza has taken top top other amazing forms. Because that example, Pizza Hut once released a pizza v a warm dog stuffed crust. Brand-new Zealand Pizza Huts market Marmite-stuffed tardy pizza. And Japan selling shrimp and mayonnaise stuffed crust pizzas. I, for one, am fine with simply the cheese-stuffed crust.

Types that Pizza Hut Stuffed crust Pizza

When it comes to Pizza Hut crusts, customers have actually several options. When cheese-stuffed crust is the many popular, you deserve to actually order the stuffed through bacon. Or you can order her crust in any of the following ways.


Pizza Hut Stuffed tardy Pizza Nutrition Facts 

Calories – 310Total Fat – 13 gSaturated Fat – 7 gTrans Fat – 0 gCholesterol – 35 mgSodium – 660 mgTotal Carbohydrate – 35 gDietary Fiber – 3 gSugars – 2 gProtein – 14 g

Pizza Hut Stuffed tardy Pizza Pricing 

 A huge stuffed tardy pizza is just $16.99. This contains cheese only, Cheese-Lovers, Meat-Lovers, Veggie-lovers, BBQ-Lovers, brand-new Primo Meat, and Hawaiian pizzas. The huge Chicken Supreme and also Super Supreme are $17.99 each.

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V Pizza Hut coupons you can often get good savings on stuffed late pizza and other Pizza Hut favorites. 

What perform you think?

Do you choose your pizza with initial crust? Or execute you enjoy treating you yourself to cheese-stuffed crust? Which space your favourite pizza topping ~ above stuffed tardy pizza? let us understand in the comment below.