PHIL Mickelson, nicknamed Lefty, is one American professional golfer who has actually won several significant championships.

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Mickelson is among 12 players in the background of golf come win 3 of the 4 majors.


Mickelson, born in 1970, is 50-years-old.

He came to be a agree golfer in the year 1992 and also has been one of America's biggest players in the game.

He ranked 2nd in the people by the Official civilization Golf Ranking several times.

The American won the PGA Championship in ~ the age of 50 years and also 11 months, comfortably making him the oldest man to victory a golf major.


The pair have three children, Amanda, Sophia and also EvanCredit: Getty - Contributor

What is his network worth?

Mickelson is reportedly worth $400m in 2021 according to Deemples.

He is one of the wealthiest golfers in the game.

Mickelson's $91 million in career prize money trails only Woods all-time among golfers.

He included endorsement encounters Amstel Light and hat brand Melin in 2020.


Credit: Rex

Who is Phil Mickelson's mam Amy Mickelson?

Amy Mickelson was born Amy McBride in 1972.

She met Phil in 1992 in ~ Arizona State college yet was much from star struck once he told she he was a professional golfer.

In fact, she thought he intended that he functioned at the golf course shop!

The pair went for their an initial date on a tennis court and also the remainder is history.

At the time, Phil to be a an elderly and Amy to be a junior and a cheerleader ~ above the Phoenix Suns NBA cheerleading squad.

In 2009 Amy to be diagnosed with breast cancer and also Phil put a organize on his PGA tourism on host to help care for her.

She went back to golf in 2010 at the Masters wherein her husband won his third Green Jacket.

After an 11-month battle, Amy beat cancer and has a clean bill of heath.

Because that this near shave, Amy has actually been heavily affiliated in fund-raising initiatives for chest cancer research.


Amy is a constant companion that Phil on the course - however has endured severe medical trauma turn off itCredit: PA:Press Association

How many youngsters does Phil Mickelson have?

Three. Amanda to be born a work after Phil came second at the 1999 US open to Payne Stewart. Sophia to be born in 2001, two years later and also finally Evan arrived in 2003.

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Due to symptom at the birth, Amy ruptured an artery and also Evan was no breathing for a while, but fortunately both pulled through.




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