Medically the evaluation by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm.D., M.S., FASCP — created by college of Illinois — updated on December 18, 2016


Nobody likes to talk about diarrhea, therefore let us save you a few extra questions as soon as it concerns finding the right treatment. In this comparison, girlfriend can uncover important information about Imodium A-D and also Pepto-Bismol, including what renders them different.

Imodium A-D and also Pepto-Bismol are both easily accessible over the respond to without a prescription. Lock treat diarrhea, however they don’t work-related in precisely the same way. Also, Pepto-Bismol deserve to treat various other symptoms.

The tables listed below compare details features of each drug.

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Forms and also strengthsImodium A-DPepto-Bismol
oral capsule2 mgnot available
oral caplet2 mg262 mg
chewable tablet2 mg262 mg
oral liquid1 mg/5 mL, 1 mg/7.5 mL262 mg/15 mL, 525 mg/15 mL

Both medicine decrease the circulation of fluids and electrolytes into your bowels. The remainder of your drug activity differs, however. Imodium A-D slowly the movement of fluids with your intestine and reduces the frequency and volume of her stools. Pepto-Bismol, on the other hand, reduce inflammation of her intestines and kills bacteria that reason diarrhea.

An essential difference in between Imodium A-D and Pepto-Bismol is that Imodium A-D deserve to be supplied in youngsters younger than 12 years. If you’re in search of medication especially for your kids, this may be crucial distinction.

If you’re using Imodium A-D for traveler’s diarrhea, carry out not take much more than 8 mg per day for two days uneven your medical professional says it’s for sure for you.

If you take these medicine at the recommended dosage, side effects are no likely. Most world can take Imodium A-D or Pepto-Bismol and have few or no next effects. When people do have actually side effects, it’s often since they took an ext than lock should.

If you have side effects, you might not be able to tell if they’re native the medicine or from your diarrhea. This is since the an ext common side results of both drugs include:

dizzinessconstipationheadachestomach paindrowsinessnauseavomiting

With Imodium A-D, you may additionally have dried mouth or a emotion of fullness. Through Pepto-Bismol, girlfriend may also have stool discoloration and also darkening of your tongue. This discoloration is no harmful.

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Serious next effects

Serious side results of Imodium A-D may encompass a significant allergic reaction through symptoms that include:

rashdifficulty breathingskin blisters or peeling

A major side impact of Pepto-Bismol may include ringing in her ears. This impact can be a authorize that did you do it taken too much of the drug.

Taking particular drugs together can cause an interaction. Interactions deserve to make one or an ext of the drugs associated less effective. Castle can additionally increase your threat of side effects.

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Because that this, friend shouldn’t take Imodium A-D and Pepto-Bismol together. Taking them with each other won’t increase just how well they work-related for you. Instead, law so can increase your hazard of next effects. This is due to the fact that their side results are the same.

If girlfriend take various other drugs, speak to your doctor before taking Imodium A-D or Pepto-Bismol. The table listed below lists instances of drugs that can interact with Imodium or Pepto-Bismol.

Imodium A-D communicating drugsPepto-Bismol connecting drugs
drugs for fungal infectionsdiabetic drugs
drugs because that psychiatric disordersmethotrexate
drugs for cholesterolgout medicines
metoclopramideblood thinners (anticoagulants)
angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors