Even if national politics aren’t really her thing, you’ve likely heard the name Nancy Pelosi a couple of time by now. Yet just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Nancy Pelosi job is quite impressive…oh, and also of course Nancy Pelosi house is too!

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Pelosi is best known for being the present Speaker of the house of representatives in the united States. She’s the first-ever woman to organize that title and also she is an avid member that the democratic party. Adhering to behind the evil President, Pelosi would certainly be next in the heat of succession to take on all presidential duties. Many recently, she’s conquered news headlines for her impeachment inquiry versus President Trump. When it concerns the U.S. Government, Pelosi is in a largely powerful position. Oh yeah…and did we mention she’s also one of the wealthiest members the Congress?

Where does Nancy Pelosi live?

Nancy Pelosi owns about $20 million precious of real estate spread throughout ripe properties. She and her husband Paul have actually invested in both residential and commercial properties all over the country. Their primary residences space in California and also Washington DC.

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Nancy Pelosi home San Francisco

Nancy Pelosi owns an extensive property in the esteemed Pacific Heights region of san Francisco. Pelosi and her husband purchased the link in 2007 because that $2.25 million. The “Paul Pelosi family members Trust” is the registered owner of the home.

That price tag seems like pennies contrasted to what it’s precious today. As of 2014, the lot appreciated in value between an approximated $5 and also $25 million, according to she financial statements listed to the us government. Sounds favor a an excellent investment to us.

The towering red-brick mansion was constructed in 1938 and also boasts 3,332 square feet. The exterior the the houses is in pristine condition, through the darker tones of red-brick well balanced with a curved wall surface of home windows trimmed in white above the former door. Small is known around the internal of the 2-story residence – other than that it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and also a 420 square foot basement – yet we imagine Mrs. Pelosi has actually it decked out.

Nancy Pelosi Vineyard Napa Valley

Way earlier in 1990, according to residential property record termination PropertyShark, The Pelosi’s paid $2,350,000 because that a 16.55-acre vineyard in Saint Helena, CA aka Napa Valley. Nestled simply north the Napa and also sitting directly throughout from the Napa River, Pelosi is living in the lap the luxury.

The sprawling legacy came through a 3,314 square foot structure developed in 1958, and also in 2006, records present that a 2,400 square foot, 2-story framework was added. Within the original structure, there are said to it is in 6 generously size rooms that incorporate 2 bedrooms. Over there are also two fireplaces and also a pool in the backyard because that entertaining guests.

She’s well-known to litter lavish next at her estate, regularly inviting financial supporters and other political figures over for dinner. Neighbors say there’s no missing her when she is in city – gaggles of black SUVs and also air traffic room everywhere.

In 2005, the Napa sink Planning the supervisory board granted the Pelosi’s a permit to run a 5,000-gallon-per-year winery, allowing for weekly wine tastings. However, together Napa ar Deputy plan Director man McDowell said, “They did enough to activate the permit…The sphere is in their court to seek the remainder of the building project.” They have yet to carry out so.


Nancy Pelosi house photos are almost impossible to find, but thanks to Google Maps, exterior picture of Nancy Pelosi’s residence in Napa Valley disclose a great bit. Aerial photos display the landscape of her property, revealing that Pelosi has a tennis court on-site. There are likewise some shots that the prior gate through a lengthy winding road that leads as much as her estate. Various other than that, the inner snapshots that Pelosi’s houses are maintained under wraps.

Nancy Pelosi residence Georgetown

While living in California deserve to be relaxing, Pelosi is all about business when she jets turn off to Washington. When she’s not busy walking tit-for-tat with Donald Trump, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi handle in at she classy DC home. The ideal part? It’s only a fifteen-minute commute to the White House. They may not obtain along, however Pelosi and also Trump are practically neighbors. The affluential Georgetown ar of DC is recognized for housing some famed political numbers – and Nancy Pelosi is among them.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi reside in a 2,325 square foot condo top top K Street in the Georgetown ar of Washington DC valued at roughly $2.16 million. Lock purchased the unit because that $650,000 in 1999 indigenous Pelosi campaign donor Paul Seagram.

The top-notch property is well-known for its tight security, so its no wonder why Pelosi likes that there. V two floors of living space, Nancy Pelosi residence DC has been renovated with all the essentials. We’re talk granite countertops, maple cabinetry and also a marble bath tub in the understand bath. This upscale ar boasts high ceilings, crown moldings, and two balconies come overlook the grape max River. The 36-unit building likewise comes equipped v a swanky rooftop swimming pool.

The Pelosi’s unit is believed to it is in in the triangle-shaped ar (rooftop pool) facing Georgetown Park.

Does Nancy Pelosi have actually A wall Around she House?

A rapid search because that Nancy Pelosi residence photos often shows a photo of a enormous mansion situated at 2724 Pacific path in mountain Francisco. The vast home deserve to be checked out towering over a an extremely tall white wall that encloses the property. This house was once San Francisco’s most expensive home on the market, valued at almost $30 million. That course, this stats room staggering…there’s simply only one problem: this isn’t Nancy Pelosi home. There was a well-known meme that made the rounds approximately the web claiming the this to be the house of Pelosi. If she does live in the very same neighborhood, she isn’t rather sitting on a 26,000 square foot property…yet, anyway.


Pelosi is a staunch adversary of having border walls built in the unified States, however many have actually wondered if she has actually a wall surface around she own location of residence. Come answer the concern everybody desires to know: yes, Nancy Pelosi’s residence is enclosed by a rock wall that surrounds the property…but it’s not as scandalous together you can think. The wall surface isn’t an extremely tall and not much different than any other residence you would check out in the area. It’s likely for privacy purposes and also to store out intruders, however Pelosi’s mountain Francisco residence does still make certain to keep security a optimal priority. In enhancement to the rock wall, Pelosi likewise has a fence and a present of water indigenous the nearby Napa river to act as a moat roughly her land. In the entrance to Pelosi’s house, visitors are met with a large front gate that have the right to only be opened after entering a code and also being granted access.

Nancy Pelosi: Your concerns Answered

There’s a lot to learn about the speaker of the House, andwe’re going to uncover every little thing you have to know about Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi net Worth

By now, you’re probably wondering around Nancy Pelosi wealth. Yes no sugarcoating that – Nancy Pelosi is filthy stinking rich. Her 2015 gaue won disclosure statements revealed the Pelosi’s revenue was in the height one-tenth that the one percent of Americans. How’s that for shocking? as of 2015, she is understood the fourth-richest Californian in Congress. In 2018, Pelosi ranked amongst one that the peak wealthiest members of conference overall, coming in at number thirty. Between her hefty income, invest properties and also her joint income with she husband, Nancy Pelosi has actually an incredible amount of wealth to she name.

You could think that working as a member that congress would be a nice boring job, yet don’t it is in fooled…it certainly has its perks. Nancy Pelosi has an estimated personal net precious of $29 million. Linked with her husband, the number is anywhere between $42.8 million and also $236.2 million. The government official obtain a salary of $223,500 per year. On optimal of that, Pelosi and also her husband have actually invested in deluxe commercial genuine estate that have earned castle a bundle that dough. They additionally invested in numerous fortune 500 companies consisting of Yahoo, eBay, Visa, Disney, and Apple, to name a few. One of their properties alone is said to generate between $15,000 and $50,000 profit per year. One more property owned by Pelosi supposedly rakes in $50,000 every year in rental from residents. Additionally, Pelosi earns a minimum of $5,000 worth of grape sales yearly from her personal vineyard.

Nancy Pelosi Age

Born on in march 16, 1940, the veteran congresswoman is 79 years old together of the day this post was published.

Nancy Pelosi Young / Career

Curious as to how Nancy Pelosi gained her start? Here’s just how a life time of hard work and determination got her to where she is today. And also if you’ve ever uncovered yourself wondering, “where is Nancy Pelosi from?” we’ve gained you covered. The house Minority Leader originally hails indigenous Baltimore, Maryland. She flourished up in Baltimore for most of her early on life and attended the institute of Notre Dame because that high school. She attend Trinity college in Washington DC and ventured ago to her residence state ~ earning her degree in political science. Beginning her career in politics from early on on, after college she acquired an internship v Senator Daniel Brewster, a Democrat for the state of Maryland. She ultimately moved to mountain Francisco wherein she additional pursued she career. She has represented California’s 12 congressional district due to the fact that 2013. Before that, she stood for the 5th & 8 hours districts start in 1987, following her stint together the Chair that the California democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi speaking at mountain Francisco State college in 1987, just prior to she won she congressional seat in a one-of-a-kind election | Matthew Naythons / The Life pictures Collection / Getty Images

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has actually made some significant waves in current years. After nearly a lifetime of working as a politician, Pelosi was elected as the house Speaker in a poll by the residence of to represent in January 2019. Due to the fact that her time in office, she has made her presence recognized as a vocal opponent of Donald Trump. She has grappled v Trump on issues such as the country’s nationwide security, speak out against the Homeland protection Secretary and also is additionally pursuing the President’s impeachment.

In October 2019, Pelosi announced the there would be no formal residence vote about the impeachment inquiry, while Trump calls for a complete House vote on the matter. Pelosi likewise passed a invoice to reduced prescription drug pricing. In ~ this rate Pelosi appears to it is in unstoppable. After ~ all, who hasn’t seen her top top the news hold a press conference or two?

Nancy Pelosi Maiden Name

Nancy Pelosi to be born Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro. Her maiden name mirrors her solid Italian-American heritage, with her parent’s Italian roots tracing ago to southern Italy, Genoa, Venice, and Abruzzo. ~ above September 7, 1963, she married Paul Pelosi and also took his critical name.

Nancy Pelosi Family

Like many timeless Italian-Americans, Nancy Pelosi has a very huge family. Cultivation up, she was one of seven children and also was the only girl amongst six brothers. Even with her busy schedule as a politician, Nancy Pelosi still discovered time come raise a family. Broadening on her already big bloodline, Nancy and also her husband Paul walk on to have five youngsters of your own. Nancy Pelosi kids are called Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul Jr., and also Alexandra. Adhering to in your mother’s footsteps, at least two the Pelosi’s kids have had actually careers that involved politics. In 2000, she daughter Alexandra operated as a reporter who once covered the Republican presidential campaigns. She further went top top to adapt a film around the experience. Pelosi’s other daughter, Christine, released a book in 2007 titled, Campaign boot Camp: basic Training because that Future Leaders. that seems choose the apologize doesn’t fall far indigenous the tree through this politics brood.

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Nancy Pelosi Husband

We’ve bring away a deep dive right into the life that Nancy Pelosi, but there’s still plenty much more to know about her husband of fifty-six years. Nancy Pelosi is married to Paul Pelosi. Nancy met Paul throughout their university years. The pair wed in 1963. The two likely uncovered a common bond in your joint love of politics, v each that their families being deep passionate about the subject. Paul’s brothers was a member of mountain Francisco’s plank of Supervisors. Presently, Paul Pelosi is a financial and also real heritage magnate that invests in luxury properties.