Czech-American supermodel Paulina Porizkova is a woman of countless talents and also has accomplished an impressive career spanning an ext than 30 years.

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According come HuffPost, in ~ 18 years of age, she ended up being the first central European mrs to elegant the cover of Sports depicted magazine"s swimsuit issue. Of course, the covers didn"t protect against there. Porizkova additionally appeared top top the former of assorted Vogue magazine issues around the globe.

In 1987, she made her film debut and also starred in the large screen movie "Anna," and also has since secured herself functions in "Her Alibi," "Female Perversions," and also "Thursday," to surname a few. In 2008, she came to be a judge on Tyra Banks" "America"s next Top Model" truth show and played herself in "Desperate Housewives." Porizkova is also an author and has exit two books — "A design Summer" and also "The Adventures that Ralphie the Roach," every Publishers Weekly.

Since increasing to fame, the businessman married cars frontman Ric Ocasek and also had 2 sons through him, that she split from in 2008, per everyday Mail. In 2019, Ocasek passed away at the age of 75 after experiencing from hypertensive and also atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, follow to Variety. At the time of his death, the musician was worth one astonishing $40 million, per Celebrity network Worth. Yet how walk Porizkova"s net worth compare? Keep reading to uncover out.

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Paulina Porizkova could not be worth as much as she deceased husband Ric Ocasek, however she"s quiet a well-off woman. Follow to Celebrity net Worth, she is worth a lining $10 million, as of 2020. As reported by the outlet, the supermodel signed a contract with makeup brand Estée Lauder that secured she $6 million yearly until 1995.

While it"s for sure to say the Porizkova isn"t penniless, there have been times whereby she has struggled financially. ~ the death of Ocasek, it was revealed the he had reduced her the end of his will. In a 2021 conversation through UBS" Paula Polito, Porizkova described that she quiet had access to his money once they break-up in 2018. However, once Ocasek died, she learned the she to be left with no money ~ he asserted that Porizkova had actually "abandoned" him, per day-to-day Mail.

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"I acquired two mortgaged houses and the pension, but no method to pay because that anything," she said. "So clearly things had actually to it is in sold, yet until they obtained sold, I had nothing come live on. I literally went v a year of questioning my friends come buy us groceries. That was no a good position to be in."

In September 2020, Porizkova sold the Gramercy Park townhouse the couple shared because that over 30 years for $10 million. Follow to Celebrity network Worth, the building was purchased by the duo because that $2.5 million in 1989. In January 2019, it to be originally listed for $15.3 million.