Paul Wesley described what Nina Dobrev meant when she claimed they provided to hate each other while filming The Vampire Diaries. They’re friends now—don’t panic!

The Vampire Diaries hasn’t been on network tv in ages, but that hasn’t stopped me from rewatching old episodes on Netflix and thinking about why Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley—the two main characters and also love understand in the show—absolutely hated each other at first.

Yeah, if girlfriend never also noticed, that’s since they’re actors and that’s your job! however if friend pay attention to your offscreen lives, you’d understand that a month ago, Nina told the Directionally Challenged podcast that yeah, hate is a strong word yet she really, really did hate him. Now, Paul is here to deal with said hate and completely agree through Nina, i m sorry is crushing my 15-year-old soul.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Paul claimed he and also Nina basically started out as nemeses and also agreed through what Nina said about how lock “despised” each various other for a long time. That explained, “When we very first started shooting The Vampire Diaries, we totally clashed. Us didn’t . Creatively, it simply wasn’t in sync.”

But he included that even though they to be “basically driving each various other insane” onset, lock “developed this absolute shared love” after ~ a few seasons.

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