Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, left, and also tight end Travis Kelce winner the Super bowl in February, then defeated write-up Malone in beer pong.

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Patrick Mahomes had an epos day Feb. 5 — and that’s just partially since he and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs commemorated their Super key LIV victory through a downtown parade.

It simply so happened that hip-hop star article Malone was performing in town that night, so the quarterback and his top target, Travis Kelce, chose to watch whether they could get right into the show without tickets.

Turns out, lock could. The pair of recently crowned NFL champs were given a suite. They also got to meet the “White Iverson” singer backstage before the show. And also that’s wherein Mahomes learned something about the chart-topping performer.

“I guess the loves beer pong,” Mahomes told GQ’s Clay Skipper.“That’s, like, his thing.”


Rob Gronkowski, Trevor Bauer and Post Malone are amongst the beer pong competitors in the Ballina Cup, Mike Stud’s wacky online tournament the peaks this week.

So Malone challenged the 2018 NFL most an useful player and also his tight end to a game, and also they embraced — and also won. They play several various other games, all with the exact same result.

Malone became determined to loss the two NFL stars, even delaying the begin of his present while attempting to perform so. The “Psycho” singer said Skipper in an e-mail that he’s a “pretty ... Compete beer pong player.”

Mahomes estimated that 14 or 15 games were played and also “way over” 20 beers were consumed. Finally, Malone laid down a final challenge — if they beat the one much more time, he would certainly tattoo your autographs come his body.


“He has a tattoo artist literally in the room,” Mahomes stated of the performer who is stated to have more than 40 tattoos.

As shocking as it might seem, the “Congratulations” singer shed the last game. And also even though Mahomes stated he called the rapper, “Dude, you carry out not actually have actually to get a tattoo of our autographs,” Malone placed the backstage tattoo artist come work instantly after the show.

Malone called Skipper the he “thinks” the the first time he acquired a tattoo together the an outcome of a lost bet.

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Rapper and Dallas Cowboys fan short article Malone name dropped his beloved team’s quarterback, Dak Prescott, in his recent single, “Wow”: “Always goin’ because that it, never ever punt fourth down.

Mahomes said Kelce to be the crucial to the duo’s beer pong success the night, call his tight end’s play “unconscious.”

“I don’t recognize if I’ve been that hot on the pong table ever before in my life,” Kelce told Skipper.