Brittany Matthews is a fitness trainer, businesswoman, and also former soccer player. Patrick Mahomes II is an NFL quarterback for the Super Bowl defending champions Kansas City Chiefs.

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The star player walk not have actually a mam yet; however, he and Brittany Matthews room engaged.

The pair have been with each other for a really long time, and Matthews has been by her fiance’s means before the begin of his NFL career.

Patrick Mahomes‘ future wife can additionally be called the future sister-in-law and also best girlfriend of Tik Tok Star Jackson Mahomes.

Brittany Matthews with Patrick Mahomes

Britt, in her social media, mirrors off she toned and fit body and shares training tips and tricks. The trainer is likewise a previous soccer player. She played school-level soccer along with high college soccer.

Furthermore, she likewise pursued the sport professionally as soon as she signed through an Iceland pro team after ~ college.

Soon, she hopes to work-related for vulnerable kids with one-of-a-kind needs. She endorses a healthy diet and an energetic lifestyle.

Moreover, she additionally offers online training to assist people accomplish their score weight and fitness target. Also, she has actually a couple of sponsorship deals with nutritional products.

Before obtaining into details around Patrick Mahomes‘ soon-to-be wife, below are some quick facts about her.

Quick Facts

Full NameBrittany Matthews
Birth DateSeptember 1, 1995
Birth PlaceTyler, Texas
Nick NameBritt
EducationUniversity the Texas
Father’s NameMartin Scott Matthews
Mother’s NameDiana Massey
SiblingsTwo; Landon Massey and Devin Matthews
Age26 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
ProfessionFitness Trainer, Businesswoman
Current ResidenceKansas City, Missouri
Shoe SizeNot Available
Fitness CompanyB Fitness
Marital StatusEngaged
FiancéPatrick Mahomes II
Net WorthNot Estimated
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Brittany Matthews | beforehand Life, Family, and also Education

Brittany was born in Texas come Martin Scott Matthews and Diana Massey. The parental divorced as soon as Britt was an extremely young.

However, the ex-couple keep a cordial relationship for the benefits of your children. Both the exes space happily married in separate relationships as of now.

Besides that, she has actually two brothers, namely Devin Matthews and half-brother Landon Massey.

The trainer has a step-father Paul Massey that sadly passed away in a Chiefs game. She was really close to him.

The previous Soccer Player through Her Mother and Siblings

The soon-to-be Matthews-Mahomes has actually been an athlete and energetic sport every her life. She attend the exact same high school as her future husband, i.e., Whitehouse High School.

In high school, she to be a member the the school’s cheerleading team and also soccer team.

Furthermore, she likewise continued she love for football in college. The American trainer attend the University that Texas, unlike her fiancé, that attended Texas technology University.

Later on, she graduated from college through a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology.

Brittany Matthews | Age, Height, and also Weight

The former athlete turn 25on September 25, 2020.

She weighs about 119lbs, around 56 kgs, and she is 5 feet 8 inches high.

Brittany Matthews | Profession, Job, and also Soccer Career

School and College-Level Soccer

The renowned trainer saw Whitehouse High School, where she played football on the institution team. Initially, Brittany was unsure if she wanted to it is in a component of collegiate level soccer however later on, seeing the University of Texas’s team, she to be enthusiastic.

The UT Tyler Patriot aided her team right into the ASC scholastic All-Conference Team, where she to be a two-time recipient of the American Southwest Conference’s attack Player of the Week.

Not to mention, Brittanyis 2nd all-time in program history with 78 points and also received All-Region honors ~ her senior season.

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Additionally, she scored four hattricks in wins against McMurry and Sul Ross consecutively and over Belhaven and Louisiana College, which set a brand-new record.

Moreover, she made a goal versus Rhodes in an overtime game that led the Patriots to a 2-1 win.

Patrick Mahomes‘ Future mam Playing Soccer

In the entirety of she career in ~ UT, she made 31 goals and 16 assists. Furthermore, the forward player-led Patriots come a spectacular record of 56-13-5.

Her exceptional soccer career v the Patriots inspired her to pursue a experienced career.

Due to her significant skills, she signed a contract to it is in a professional soccer player in her an elderly year before graduation.

Icelandic multi-sports club, UMF Afturelding, signed the contract v her. She was part of the Iceland pro team.

The UMFA’s interest rose in she after seeing her develop a brand-new UT Tyler single-season document with 18 goals. Her soon-to-be hubby, together with her family and coaches, were current in the room once she made the deal.

After graduation, she went to Iceland for the summer while her boyfriend remained in the Chiefs. The front player aided the team in a couple of seasons before deciding to go after a fitness and also training career.

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Fitness and Business

Following great professional career, she go on to be an competent fitness trainer.

Moreover, through her society media platforms and website, she inspires people to attain their fitness targets.

Besides that, she also has a fitness agency where she has actually paid programs to assist world in attaining their best body. Furthermore, the website sells fitness products.

Similarly, she also signed one exclusive deal with an apparel firm named Balance Athletica. Not to mention, the QB’s wife is also the co-owner of KC NWSL, a experienced women’s soccer team.

Is Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes‘ Wife?


Britt has been in a partnership with MVP player Patrick Mahomes II. Mahomes has actually served together a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2017.

He was in his small year once the NFL team drafted him. Since then, he has actually led the Chiefs come a Super Bowl success in the 2019-20 season.

Furthermore, in 2020, the Times Magazine had him in their 100 many Influential list. No to cite his father, pat Mahomes Sr. Is a former MLB pitcher. Also, he is the brothers of Tik Tok star Jackson Mahomes.

The star player is very close to his mother, Randi Mahomes, and mentions her together an integral component of his life.

Matthews is an extremely close to Patrick’s family. Britt and also Pat II met at school and started dating as soon as they to be in great ten.

The duo is high-school sweethearts and has been together because 2010. The couple recently got engaged on September 1, 2010, so she is however to be Patrick Mahomes‘ wife.

The chief proposed her v an high value emerald-cut center stone engagement ring perhaps worth in between $350,000-$800,000.

However, the pair resides in Kansas City, Missouri, in your beautiful home with their two dogs.

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As the 2020, the couple does no have any type of kids, however they freshly announced their pregnancy on Instagram.

It is no sure once the infant is due or if it’s a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, they will certainly love the boy equally v all they have.

Update: Brittany and Patrick invited their an initial child, daughter Sterling Skye on Saturday, castle announced she arrival ~ above Instagram.

Furthermore, Mahomes gifted his fiance a brand-new car as a gift for coming to be a brand-new mom. That is a 2021 Lamborghini Urus.

Brittany Matthews | net Worth and Salary

The future Patrick Mahomes‘ wife’s specific net worth is not available. However, she is a fitness trainer and owns a business and might be worth an outstanding amount.

Besides that, she was likewise a expert soccer player in a understood club.

The quickly To it is in Married couple In Disney Land

Not to point out her soon-to-be hubby and the father of her kid is a star quarterback for the famous NFL team, Kansas City Chiefs.

In the last Super Bowl, he aided lead Kansas City come their very first championship in 50 years. Also, he to be the Most an useful Player that the 2019 season.

After that, the Chiefs readily available Pat Jr. A ten-year expansion contract precious $530 million, i m sorry is the biggest in skilled sports history.

This agreement will boost his salary to $40 million every year, and also eventually, in ten years, his network worth will exceed $550 million. Together of now, his net worth is $30 million.

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What Is Patrick Mahomes’ Wife’s society Media?

Brittany is an extremely active in society media and also has an Instagram account with virtually 996 thousand followers.

She has over a thousands posts and also mostly shares around her fitness and also training programs. Likewise, she also puts up she gym routine in addition to workout tips.

Furthermore, she likewise demonstrates her exercises and also routines. Now and then, she flaunts her fiancé and her Pitbulls. Finally, she additionally shares photos of her trips and also travels and gives us a sneak peek into her life.

Her beau Patrick has actually over 4.5 million followers on his Instagram account. The MVP generally posts around football, promotions, and also his teammates.

However, that recently mutual a pregnant announcement post. Also, that loves to present off his stunning fiancé.

Besides that, Matthews is also on Twitter with virtually 207 thousand followers. She join in November 2011 and has over 16 thousands tweets. Britt follows less than 200 people, consisting of Pat Sr, Randi, Jackson, and also her soon-to-be husband.

Overall she shares and retweets play II’s football career and also milestones.

On the various other hand, Patrick Jr. Has actually over 1.8 million pendant on Twitter together well. Besides complying with his family and also fiancé, he complies with celebrities and fellow teammates.

He has over 16 thousand posts since he join in respectable 2011.

Brittany Matthews | FAQs

How long have Patrick and also Brittany to be together?

Patrick and Brittany met in school and also started dating as tenth graders. The stunning and also fit couple are high-school sweethearts and have been with each other for ten years now.

As that this year, the pair room engaged and have a daughter, Sterling Skye Mahomes, together.

Are Patrick and Brittany engaged?

Yes, together of September 1, 2020, the high school sweethearts and the longtime couple are engaged and also deep in love.

Does Mahomes live through his girlfriend?

Yes, Mahomes II resides in Kansas City, Missouri, v his now-fiancé Brittany Matthews. The pair reside in your beautiful house with their two adorable dogs.

Has Brittany Matthews found her wedding dress?

The fitness enthusiast recently went top top a dress shopping spree v her daughter, mother, Patrick’s mother, and his younger brother. They struggle some an elaborate stores in LA.

However, Brit hasn’t revealed whether or no she has found the dress. As well as that, the couple has currently booked a venue because that a lavish wedding in 2022.

Does Mahomes have a child?

Patrick Mahomes‘ future wife, in addition to him, announced their pregnancy on society media. They have actually a daughter together called Sterling Skye Mahomes. She to be born on February 20, 2021.

What is Brittany Matthews’ clothes line called?

Recently, the fitness-conscious mother signed a address Balance Athletica, a family-owned apparel line. She periodically promotes that on she social media platforms.

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Does Brittany Matthews’ has actually tattoos?

Yes, she has actually a tattoo the a dog paw that she gained on she birthday. She justified her love for her dog the drove she to obtain that tattoo.