Pat Sajak as soon as fooled his Wheel of Fortune co-star Vanna White with a hair-raising April Fool’s work prank. And also this to be no basic prank, this took hrs of preparation, and also a team of people to pull off.

Sajak pulled the prank in ~ the near of the April 1, 2008 show. Throughout the segment where he and also White banter and also say goodnight, that tells her he has something to confess. Because “there is nothing an ext stressful than living a lie,” that said.

Rumors that Sajak was wearing a toupee have persisted for years online. Fans speculate around it in forums and also joke around it online. The legendary hold has constantly quipped the if he were wearing a hairpiece he’d choose a far better one than that.

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So as soon as he damaged down and also confessed to White at the finish of the display that he to be actually entirely bald, human being were stunned. Even White, that wasn’t in ~ above the gag, was completely floored through the revelation.

Just prefer revealing the letters, Sajak request White to “unveil” him come the world and remove his wig. After some coaxing, she did and also was in pure shock once every strand slid off right into her hands.

“You can keep that,” Sajak joked to White, as she make the efforts to process what was happening. can not be loaded since JavaScript is disabled: Wheel that Fortune: Is play Bald? (

Is ‘Wheel that Fortune’ host Pat Sajak really Bald?

So, is the legendary organize truly bald or not? No, he has a full head that hair. Regardless of fans breaking under the prank frame-by-frame prefer the Zapruder film, it was a fully cap, make-up, and also a an extremely convincing wig. One that wore that whole episode the filming.

Eventually, the showed exactly how it to be done. You can check out the video here. Needless to say, it to be a significant undertaking the took hours in the make-up chair. Wheel that Fortune aired the step-by-step process. Basically, make-up artists spanned his genuine hair with a outright cap and also covered the in make-up to match his skin tone.

“They also put on little moles and also things,” that said, nearly giddy he had the ability to pull turn off such a prank.

When they finally added the toupee, play Sajak joked, “And there’s mine fake hair, which, come to think of that looks much better than my real hair, actually.”

And, just for great measure, White tugged ~ above his in reality hair during the explanation come prove it to be real.

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