Patrick Julianelle, also known together PopularMMOs", to be arrested on might 16th for alleged "domestic battery" i beg your pardon he cases are false. That has since been exit from custody.

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Amassing end 17 million subscribers top top YouTube, the PopularMMOs channel previously starring Pat and his now ex-wife Jen got a following for your Minecraft themed videos.

After their split in 2019, play took end the channel and introduced his subscribers to his new girlfriend, Liz, that was additionally arrested, follow to the freshly released police report.

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Fans upset end news that Pat"s arrest

After news of his arrest ended up being public, Pat required to Twitter come warn his fans not to believe everything castle heard following abuse allegations indigenous his ex-girlfriend Eleni. Pat went on to dox Eleni ~ above Twitter after ~ she doxed him.

Don"t believe everything you hear. I will require to deal with the false accusations soon. And Eleni many thanks for leaking my deal with and harassing me and also Liz as soon as she told girlfriend to stop posting about her and you refused. You space a devastating person. It s okay the critical tweet was also much

— beat (

Unfortunately because that Pat, fans were currently disappointed after seeing the police records as that was component of your childhood. Meanwhile, other fans were warning Pat, telling him to be mindful after his deal with was released.

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Fans and former pan of beat replied ago to Pat"s tweet.

A male ion even know all i heard was my hero could be an abuser ion need that

— Jo3y (

the damage was already done, girlfriend shouldnt have tweeted without thinking in the an initial place-

— suua | haha artblock walk brrr (

BRO girlfriend still doxxed her, no matter exactly how long the tweet was up, that is still out there. She didnt even actively show your resolve as it was on a publicly arrest record.

— DespairFilledFool (
DspairFilldFool) might 19, 2021

It"s to be up for 30 minutes prior to he turned off it

— Ensosin (
Ensosin_) may 19, 2021

I truly think PoppularMMOS would never ever do this stuff. Anyone that is saying he’s horrible, just stop, and also wait before saying this stuff.

— Doge (
ASSCLAP7) might 19, 2021

didnt it say he got arrested? if he was arrested would he be able to tweet rn?

— Zanza (
DelgadoZanzabar) might 19, 2021

To include to the uproar, Pat"s ex-girlfriend Jen was checked out to have liked a tweet calling play abusive. However, Jen posted on Twitter stating the it was just an accident.

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I perform not use Twitter regularly and when i was messaged around all this drama i went on to view what was being said. By accident I chosen a tweet the is currently being watched in a negative manner. Pat never ever in the 10 years we were together laid a hand on me.