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Conrad Hilton in prior of his Los Angeles hotel in 1954. JR Eyerman/The LIFE picture Collection via Getty images

Conrad Hilton was among seven born in brand-new Mexico in 1887 come Augustus Halvorsen and also Mary Genevieve Hilton, who relocated to the us in 1870 indigenous Norway.

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His father owned a grocery store store and the family rented out rooms in your home, follow to The Guardian.

After discovering the basics of service from his father, Hilton went on to offer in the US military during WWI. He was a sublieutenant in France v allied pressures in the Quartermaster Corps, responsible for providing fuel, food, clothes, and household items come the army. Quartermasters also identified and also cared for dead soldiers. He to be discharged from the military in 1919.

After the war, Conrad relocated to Texas and bought his an initial hotel in 1919.


2 rooms native the 1919 configuration of the hotel room still kept today. Hilton

According come his 1979 new York time obituary, 32-year-old Hilton had $5,000 to invest upon returning from war in 1919. That intended come buy a bank, yet negotiations didn"t relocate fast enough for that — that bought a 40-room hotel in Cisco, Texas out of impatience.

The hotel came to be so successful, the Hilton turn the dining room into additional rooms to satisfy demand. While it"s no much longer a hotel, the structure was named a Texas historic site in 1970.

Throughout the 1920s, Hilton ongoing to buy and build hotels in Texas. He finally expanded beyond the state in 1942.


Conrad Hilton trial and error a bed in the Waldorf Astoria in 1949, finding that springy. Herbert Gehr/The LIFE snapshot Collection via Getty photos

Hilton purchase a deluxe hotel in Los Angeles in 1942. In 1946, the Hilton Hotel Corporation was formed.

In 1949, Hilton to buy the Waldorf Astoria because that $3 million. The supposedly maintained a photograph of the hotel under the glass top top his desk with the phrase "The biggest of castle All"written ~ above it.

It to be his long-standing ambition to own the hotel, yet at first its owner didn"t desire to market it to who who had actually other company interests. The brand-new York State Realty and Terminal firm owned the land and also was additionally concerned that he would certainly run that down.

He lobbied with the agency anyway.

After number of months, Conrad uncovered out that someone else to be interested in buying the hotel. He decided to use his own money instead of Hilton Hotel Corporation"s. Among the majority stockholders agreed come his proposal to buy 249,024 share of share at $12 a share.

In the end, he payment $3 million for about 69% that Waldorf and also gradually boosted his share come 100%.

The legendary hotel is a landmark building in new York has actually hosted every chairman from Herbert Hoover to Barack Obama.


Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty pictures

The pair were divorced by 1946 and had one daughter together, Constance Francesca — Gabor"s only child, also through a slew of other marriages.

Gabor had actually nine husbands — she divorced 7 times and had one marriage annulled. She was famously quoted as once saying: "I to be a marvelous housekeeper: Every time ns leave a male I save his house."

She also claimed to have an affair with her stepson, Conrad Jr.

Gabor passed away in 2016 at period 99.

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Hilton had actually three sons native his very first marriage, with Mary Adelaide Barron, which finished in divorce in 1934. Conrad Jr., wilhelm Barron, and Eric Michael every made a name for themselves, together well.