LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS Wgendergeek.orgE)-- Papa John"s worldwide (NASDAQ: PZZA) proceeds to combine its appointment to better INGREDIENTS. Far better PIZZA.—and its broad range of food selection offerings—by acquisition its Gluten-Free Crust make from ancient Grains nationwide. The new, never-frozen Gluten-Free crust is made v sorghum, teff, amaranth and also quinoa. A two-topping pizza made through Papa John"s brand-new Gluten-Free crust is easily accessible now for only $9.99.

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Papa John"s Gluten-Free Crust made from ancient Grains rolfes Out across the nation After effective Pilot (Photo: company Wgendergeek.orge)

The old Grains are naturally gluten-free and higher in protein and fiber than various other grains, while adding a more robust texture and also flavor come the crust.

The nationwide offering is a dgendergeek.orgect result of current pilot testing earlier this year in Los Angeles, Phoenix, St. Louis, Houston and also Nashville. Because that consumers, the accessibility of a gluten-free crust choice was a leading factor in deciding where to order thegendergeek.org pizza from and has driven boost in new customers. According to Mintel, gluten-free food sales prospered 178% native 2013-16 and also the portion of consumer eating gluten-free version of foods items that commonly contain gluten proceeds to tendency upward.

"Eating a gluten-free crust doesn"t need to mean eat a bland, tasteless product," said Sean Muldoon, cook Ingredient Officer in ~ Papa John"s. "Our Gluten-Free tardy took an ext than 2 years to develop and perfect because taste and also texture were key factors in the dough development. The reality that ours pilot client told us they love the taste proves that we made the appropriate decisions."

Operationally, Papa John"s employs measures to prevent contact with gluten, and while the tardy is prepared in a separate, gluten-free facility before being transport to stores, it is feasible that a pizza with gluten-free crust might be exposed come gluten during the in-store, pizza-making process. Therefore, the brand does no recommend that is Gluten-Free Crust do with old Grains because that customers v Celiac condition or major gluten intolerances.

Papa John"s is the fgendergeek.orgst national pizza delivery chain to announce the removed of the complying with ingredients throughout its whole food menu:

artificial flavors and also synthetic colour High fructose corn syrup preventive BHA and also BHT smell enhancer MSG Cellulose and also partially hydrogenated oil

In 2016, the brand announced the elimination of man-made flavors and also synthetic colors across its whole food menu. Last summer, the pizza brand also completely transitioned the chicken provided in grilled chicken pizza toppings and also poppers to it is in fed top top a vegetarian diet and raised without person or animal antibiotics, and also went fully cage-free with its eggs.

For an ext information regarding Papa John"s brand-new Gluten-Free Crust do with old Grains, you re welcome visit the frequently inqugendergeek.orgy questions page on the Papa John"s website.

About Papa John"s

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Papa John"s International, Inc. (NASDAQ: PZZA) is the world"s thgendergeek.orgd-largest pizza distribution company. Because that 16 the the past 18 years, consumers have actually rated Papa John"s No. 1 in client satisfaction among all nationwide pizza chains in the American client Satisfaction index (ACSI). Papa John"s is the official Pizza Sponsor that the National football League, the main Pizza of Major League Baseball and the official Pizza companion of the National warm Rod Association (NHRA). For more information around the fgendergeek.orgm or come order pizza online, visit Papa John"s at www.gendergeek.org.com. Additionally visit us on on facebook at www.facebook.com/gendergeek.org, Twitter at http://twitter.com/gendergeek.org, YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/gendergeek.org, Instagram at www.instagram.com/gendergeek.org, and also Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/gendergeek.orgpizza.

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