This week, Pandora unveiled a new family plan which allows six different members the the same family members to use the organization for one price. The ide of the “family plan” is hardly new in the music-streaming world; both Spotify and also Apple Music have similar offerings for the very same $15/month price.

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So, which is the ideal deal? it depends. All three services sell virtually the very same music library this days. Your an individual preferences, as well as how well each service is compatible v the tools you most generally use, is how you’ll more than likely pick i m sorry streaming organization you go after. (For example, if anyone in your house is already an avid Spotify user, it doesn’t make sense to try to move everyone come Pandora or apple Music.)


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Pandora’s family setup costs $15 per month and can encompass up to 6 users. Anyone on the arrangement needs to have their own Pandora account, and also their accounts will certainly work just like any other Premium account as component of the family plan—they’ll have the ability to create customized radio stations and playlists, hear ad-free, and also download music because that offline listening.

Pandora families also have an “Our soundtrack” station, which creates a customized mix based upon what anyone in the family members favorites.

On its own, Pandora’s premium offering expenses $10/monthly, therefore if much more than one human being in your residence uses a Pandora Premium account, then upgrading come a family arrangement is a no-brainer. Here’s a rundown of all of the gadgets Pandora supports.

Spotify Family


Spotify Family likewise costs $15 every month, yet only allows you to do a family of up to 5 users the all should live under the exact same roof. Everyone has actually their own distinct Premium account, also though each account falls under the exact same $15 bill. A continual Spotify Premium account operation $10, so, like Pandora, yes no reason not to usage Spotify family members if many people—even those pretending to it is in a family—love Spotify’s offerings.

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With Spotify Premium, you can listen to music both on-demand or conserve it because that offline hearne later. Also, premium members won’t suffer any kind of advertising. Spotify is compatible with the most gadgets of the three major streaming services, therefore if you desire to accessibility your music on every little thing you own, this can be the organization worth going for. This is a rundown of every one of the gadgets that support Spotify.