Ortho is trusted to carry out homeowners through the most reliable pest regulate services because that pesky and unwanted pests who could cohabit in her home. Among Ortho’s product line, that most an effective insect-killer is the Ortho home Defense MAX Termite and also Destructive bug Killer. You have the right to use it to death wood-destroying insects and also other pests that can be existing in her home. Besides regulating general termites, it is effective versus subterranean termites, carpenter ants, and bees. This chemical can be used to wooden structures, piles, fences, mailboxes, tree stumps, and also any stored timber in your home.

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Ortho Termiticide consists of Bifenthrin in each party of concentrate. Because its main energetic ingredient can act together a herbicide and also kill tree life, it’s far better to prevent using that close come trees and flower beds. Bifenthrin is one extremely powerful pesticide. Some other commodities on the market merely defeat termites, yet this one kills them. Termites won’t have any method of detecting or staying clear of this particular termite killer, because it’s odorless.

Its main purpose is to regulate subterranean termite populations; therefore, it can not be provided indoors. The bottle has a focused pesticide. Therefore, you’ll need to mix that yourself and also then use your pump sprayer or garden hose sprayer come treat the influenced areas.


​The product deserve to be directly used to timber or foundation.​This therapy is efficient on subterranean termite colonies​Lasts up to five years versus termitesGood priceGets rid that a range of pests


You should mix the contents.The sprayer requirements to it is in purchased separately.

Tools Needed

You’ll require a hand-held pump sprayer or a sprinkling can to usage on huge areas. For trenching v Taurus SC, you will require either a pickaxe or a shovel to dig the trench to produce a barrier versus termites.

How come Use

This product needs to be diluted v water before use. You must determine how much Ortho house Defense MAX Termite Killer you need by measure up the width and also length of the area to it is in treated. You deserve to use a sprinkling have the right to to mix 3.2 oz. To 1 gallon that water because that every 2 1/2 direct feet. Using a tank sprayer, you deserve to mix 0.5 oz. Per gallon the water. If you have a tank sprayer, you can mix 0.5 oz. That product every gallon of water.

When you usage the Ortho home Defense MAX as a trenching treatment, that can control the area because that as lengthy as 5 years. That’s a long time to have peace that mind. In the trench, pour 4 gallons every 10 linear feet every foot of depth that the diluted solution.

It is recommended to reapply the chemical obstacle for subterranean termites only after there has been a disruption the the soil obstacle due to construction, excavation, landscaping, etc. The is vital to reapply the pesticide in spots on those areas. This have to not be applied on the whole premises every year.

Where come Use

It’s recommended to usage Ortho home Defense MAX Termite & Destructive pest Killer concentration outdoors. Your home’s foundation can it is in treated with this. You can use it to treat wooden structures, tree stumps, hardwood piles, lumber debris, or stored lumber you might own.

When come Use

It is one all-in-one termiticide that works best when termite activity has currently been confirmed, as well as prevents them because that up to five years. Use as a lumber treatment application and also a perimeter pest regulate method.

Target Pests

Termites, Ants, Carpenter Bees, lumber Infesting Beetles, Chiggers, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, German Cockroaches, home Flies, Hornets, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps, Wood ruining Beetles, Yellow Jackets, and also others

Comparable ProductsTaurus SC 20 oz bottle-Termiticide share TermidorBioAdvanced 700350A Termite Killer Plus, Insect Killer because that OutdoorsHARRIS Termite Treatment and also Mold KillerOrtho 221910 house Defense Insect Killer because that Indoor & PerimeterSafety Information

Ortho home Defense MAX Termite & Destructive bug Killer is for sure to use as long as you follow the product label.

Special Considerations

This product is not recommended because that indoor use. It’s non-repellent and undetectable to target pests.


In a sprayer, just how do girlfriend mix Ortho house Defense MAX Termite & Destructive an insect Killer?

Per the product label, friend will need 0.5 oz. (1 tbsp.) of Ortho house Defense MAX Termite & Destructive pest Killer per gallon that water per 167 sq. Ft.

Does rain impact its efficacy?

Wait until the last predicted rain is at the very least 24 hours away when applying the product. As soon as it dries, that is harder come undo and also rain just runs off of it.

Is Ortho residence Defense Termite and also Destructive an insect Killer for sure to use in attics?

It’s no recommended to usage Ortho residence Defense Termite and Destructive an insect Killer inside a dwelling, consisting of an attic. Usage it together directed ~ above the brand for best results.


The Ortho house Defense MAX is inexpensive when it involves its acquisition price. There space two sizes to choose from 20oz and also 32oz, definition you have actually lots of options to choose from depending on your certain needs. Also, girlfriend can integrate them in various ways to fulfill your needs. This product deserve to be either a fast fix or a long-term treatment for expensive pest worries from disastrous pests, relying on how you usage it. Ortho has actually designed its termite killer in together a means that it can provide termite protection for fifty percent a decade. Friend must, of course, use it together a trenching therapy for this come happen.

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Get tranquility of mind native termites and also other wood-destroying pests with Ortho home Defense MAX Termite & Destructive bug Killer Concentrate.