Oprah, now 67, freshly scored a major sit-down with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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Oprah Winfrey greeting her half-sister Patricia on her talk show in 2011Credit: AP:Associated Press

Who room Oprah's siblings?

Patricia Lofton

Patricia Lofton is Oprah's 57-year-old half-sister.

The siblings share the same mommy - the late Vernita Lee - however have different fathers.

Lee offered up she daughter for adoption because she feeling she had actually no other choice.

The sisters reunited on Oprah's talk present in 2011.

Oprah reportedly bought her little sister a $500,000 home in Wisconsin and took care of she financially so she could go back to school.


Oprah's family members treeCredit: Harpo

Lofton would graduate native the university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2017.

Patricia Lee Lloyd

Patricia Lee Lloyd, one more half-sister the Oprah's who additionally shared her mother, passed far in 2003 in ~ the period of 43.

She was made it through be she husband Kenny Lloyd, Sr and also her two daughters.

Lloyd lived in Milwaukee v her mother Vernita Lee, according to the Chicago Tribune obituary.

It was reported the she died of an inadvertently overdose.

Oprah in 2019Credit: Getty images - Getty

Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee, Oprah's half-brother, died of AIDS at the young period of 29 in 1989.

Brother and also sister had actually a difficult relationship, however Jeffrey had kind words because that her as soon as he was near death.

"Now the the end is acquiring close, I desire Oprah to understand that transparent our troubles, i still love her and was proud that her," that said, follow to the sunlight Sentinel.



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Oprah authorize a statement complying with his death.

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"For the last two years, mine brother, Jeffrey Lee, had actually been living v AIDS," she said.

"My family, like thousands of others throughout the world, grieves not simply for the fatality of one young man, however for the countless unfulfilled desires and accomplishments that society has been denied due to the fact that of AIDS."


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