Being the child of a superstar could sound like a the majority of fun — you don"t worry around money, civilization love her parents, and also you probably gain the ideal of every little thing — but not every celebrity child has lived a charmed life, and also Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, is one prime example. For Lattanzi, her mother"s fame has been useful at times, yes, yet not always.

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Though you might not have ever before heard the Lattanzi, she"s quite much always been in she mother"s shadow. The 2 have really close relationship, and though Lattanzi has grown up and also started her own businesses and life separate from she mother, the two stay tight. Still, together low-key together Lattanzi"s life has actually been, it"s nice interesting. The untold fact of Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe, is quite dramatic and shows simply how hard it can be to be born into a talented and also famous family.

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Most world probably automatically think the the movie Grease when they think of Olivia Newton-John, and that would certainly make sense. That was absolutely the singer"s best film, and it really set her career on fire. However Newton-John had a to sing career external of movies, and in one case, she carried her just child, daughter Chloe Lattanzi, along for the ride.

In 2021, Newton-John got earlier in the record studio because that the an initial time in a long time to record a super an individual song offered to her called "Window in the Wall." In an interview v Entertainment Tonight, Newton-John revealed why she decided her daughter because that the duet. "The only human being I thought of to be Chloe to song it v me, due to the fact that it to be such a personal song," she explained. And also as for Lattanzi? She was just happy to be involved. "I was honored that out of every the people my mom could have asked, she asked me," Lattanzi added. "That supposed the human being to me." the must have been a ton of funny for the mother-daughter duo to acquire to work together, and it proves just how much Lattanzi really worths her mom.

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Obviously, Olivia Newton-John isn"t simply a singer, as she"s likewise appeared in films and also television shows. But Newton-John isn"t the just actor in the family, as her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, has acted quite a little bit over the years. Lattanzi has appeared in tv shows, films, and also made-for-TV movies since she first started acting in 1993, so she"s quite experienced.

In 2017, Lattanzi showed up in Sharknado 5: an international Swarming, starring alongside her mother. And, clearly, it to be a great project which detailed Lattanzi a truly enjoyable experience. "I acquired to work with a many the human being I"ve worked with before and also it"s together a love environment," Lattanzi told Entertainment Tonight. "It occurred really quickly. Ns learned my lines basically in prefer two days and also it to be a the majority of fun." whether or not Lattanzi choose to action again is undetermined, but, for a while, it to be something she was an extremely passionate about.

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Not every kid of a celebrity is happy to inherit their parents" talents, however for Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, luck, together with talent, played a part. In particular, Lattanzi released her own singing career, live independence of her mother, and also she also had she own music videos.

According to the Daily Mail, Lattanzi actually first started her singing career as soon as she landed her very first record transaction at just 15 year old. Unfortunately, she likewise dealt with addiction and told the publishing that her struggles influenced her capacity to finish record the album. "I had actually blackouts, i would continue to be up top top three-day-long binges without ever going come sleep. Days and also weeks began to mix together," she said. But, in 2015, Lattanzi went back to the studio come record new music both with and also without her mother by her side. Clearly, Lattanzi has come a long means in terms of music, and also who to know what she"ll perform next.

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For countless people, a wedding is the biggest and most crucial day of their resides — but for Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, that"s not entirely the case. In early on 2021, Lattanzi revealed to Us Weekly that though she and her fiancé, James Driskill, had already been engaged for ten years at that point, she wasn"t in a sirloin to officially tie the knot.

Specifically, Lattanzi said that they were planning to marry at some point in 2021, but it wasn"t a large deal to them. "We know we"re soulmates, we understand we"re committed — we call each various other husband and wife — so we"re simply like, "OK, we"ll get to the paperwork once we have actually time,"" she explained. Additionally, Lattanzi included that the two wanted a little wedding anyway and that she had already bought her dress, so over there wasn"t lot to anxiety about. Hey, that"s definitely a refreshing view from a bride-to-be!

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It"s not uncommon for celebrities — or anyone yes, really these days — to experience plastic surgical treatment to readjust their appearance or do them look at younger, and also Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, has actually nothing to hide as soon as it pertains to her very own plastic surgery journey. In fact, Lattanzi has even admitted to hating some of her vault plastic surgery results.

In an interview v Woman"s Day (via Us Weekly), Lattanzi opened up up around her previous plastic surgery. "All those points were a disaster," she claimed of her beforehand work. "Not just did the lip implants look ridiculous, the an initial boob op I had actually in Australia as soon as I was 18, left me looking mutilated." since then, Lattanzi has had actually the surgeries corrected and also feels great. Yet one point she additionally mentioned come the publishing was that her mom was constantly there because that her. "Mum sustained my surgery decisions due to the fact that she knew how unhappy ns was before," she said. Even when she"s made mistakes, Lattanzi"s mom has been there, and that"s a truly love relationship.

Though Olivia Newton-John has dealt with breast cancer lot of times, she daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, tho isn"t a substantial fan of western medicine. Together it transforms out, Lattanzi is strongly versus vaccines, and she has made her feelings towards them fairly clear. Additionally, Lattanzi seems to prefer organic medicine over anything a doctor can prescribe, also when it comes to COVID-19.

Specifically, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Lattanzi shared that she steered clear of anything the isn"t fully natural. "Natural medicine saved my mom"s life," Lattanzi wrote, follow to Metro. "So organic medicine is the party ns belong to. Not republican!!! no democrat!" Lattanzi"s views concerning health room so controversial, in fact, that at least one of her Instagram write-ups has been covert as it consists of false and also misleading information. Whatever she believes, it"s clear Lattanzi isn"t afraid to speak she mind, also when it gets she in trouble.

Just since Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, grew up the daughter of a rich and famous star, that doesn"t typical she"s without her very own problems. Sadly, Lattanzi has dealt with disordered eating for a big portion of she life, and also it"s miscellaneous that"s yes, really taken that toll.

In an old Instagram short article that has because been deleted, Lattanzi confirmed that she had actually struggled through an eating disorder the was ruining her life. "I"ve to be sobbing for an hour, emotion the cumulative energy the strangers everywhere the human being weighing in on mine family"s problems. ... This life is also what I believe make me sick," she captioned the photo, follow to Yahoo!. "The anorexia the depression. I"ve invested my life do the efforts to please strangers. If I proceed to perform so I will die." Anorexia has been something Lattanzi struggled through for a long time, however she"s supposedly doing much much better and in recovery.

Many people had their lives turned upside down throughout the Coronavirus pandemic that swept the world in 2020 — also celebrities like Olivia Newton-John and also her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, however the pandemic enabled Lattanzi to see things differently than before.

In one interview v The Hollywood Reporter, Lattanzi was asked how her perspective had adjusted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her an answer was pretty passionate. "What this time has reinforced is to not get overwhelmed because you can"t adjust the world," Lattanzi explained. "You can change a person"s life who is was standing right alongside you," she continued, do it clear she really wants to help people. "Even in the smallest space, be as kind, thoughtful and also mindful together you can and the civilization won"t seem for this reason big. The all begins with you." because that Lattanzi, helping world is what life is every about, even on a small scale.

Just since Olivia Newton-John and her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, room famous and also talented doesn"t median they don"t have other interests exterior of Hollywood. In fact, Lattanzi"s legal marijuana farm can just be wherein she feels many at home.

Lattanzi said The Hollywood Reporter that she and her fiancé, James Driskill, run a cannabis farm, which is likewise a family members affair. "We have actually a family members cannabis service together. Again, every in the family," Lattanzi said. The organization owner also noted that there was much more than simply one three product they produce. "It"s Bio Harmonic Tonic, i beg your pardon is a microbial product to aid your garden and also your tree flourish. And we have our farm, Laughing Dog Farms," she said, including that everything on the farm is organic and also that castle "even sing to our plants." Yes, really. Clearly, Lattanzi loves her work-related on the three farm and also has discovered happiness there.

People have all kinds of passions and hobbies, and discovering new ones have the right to be super fun — because that Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, organic medicine is just one of her best passions, and it"s one that she seems intent top top sharing through the world.

If that wasn"t already clear by she dismal see on vaccines and also love because that all things cannabis, Lattanzi has actually quite a fondness for herbal medicine. In fact, while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lattanzi defined that she was functioning on a new project where she would talk around different issues and named the best one for her to cover. "The most essential thing because that me in life is to it is in someone that facilitates healing and talks about plant medicine," she said. "I desire to show a wide array of perspectives." herbal medicine is plainly one the the most vital things in Lattanzi"s life, and her enthusiasm for that doesn"t it seems to be ~ to be going anywhere.

In addition to her singing and also acting, as well as her cannabis farm organization venture, Olivia Newton-John"s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, likewise got to show up on a fun truth competition show. Specifically, Lattanzi appeared on Australia"s Dancing with the Stars and reportedly had actually a blast. And while she to be eventually eliminated in a Cha-Cha dance-off, Lattanzi still had a pretty exceptional run ~ above the show.

In one interview through Stellar newspaper (via the Daily Mail), Lattanzi pointed out that civilization shouldn"t have been for this reason surprised at her success on the Australian variation of the truth show. "People forget that I"m a legit singer and also musician since my depression and anxiety have overshadowed that part of me," she said. "I want people to watch me for that I am, not an illness I overcame." Lattanzi could not have won the competition, however she plainly had a lot of fun on the show and was able come showcase just how talented she important is.

As Olivia Newton-John has actually struggled v cancer lot of times, it"s no wonder she"s planned the end what will take place if she doesn"t survive it; in particular, Newton-John has worked to make sure her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, is walk to it is in okay.

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According to Woman"s Day, Newton-John hasn"t been afraid of much yet has concerned for her daughter if she to be to die. "The hardest thing for Olivia isn"t the assumed of dying but leaving Chloe behind, fragile and virtually alone in the world," one insider told the publication. "This causes her the many grief and also torment." 

So, when Newton-John had currently worked to set Lattanzi up financially for the future, she additionally had to ensure someone would certainly look the end for her daughter emotionally. Newton-John looked to she friend and also former co-star john Travolta because that help. "She"s asked john to pledge to be that person," the resource explained. "He didn"t blink one eye and said, "Of course."" This pledge ensures that, in addition to her fiancé, Lattanzi will certainly be completely cared because that no issue what happens.