On Wednesday, throughout an interview top top Today, hold Kotb, 57, speak to the 73-year-old singer about remaining positive throughout the years despite the obstacles she's faced. Newton-John was diagnosed with phase 4 metastatic chest cancer in 2017, practically 30 years after her first diagnosis. 

Kotb opened up up around her own experience through cancer, comparing it s her to Newton-John and also her ability to stay positive. The lover Grease star was shocked to learn that Kotb herself had been cure for breast cancer 14 year ago.

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"I'm really sorry you went v that," Newton-John called Kotb, that held back tears in the interview. "I didn't know that around you. For this reason you're well now, you're law good?" 

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"Yes, I'm law good," Kotb assured. "By the way, I'm just going to pause for a second. One more wonderful thing about you is what you just did there. Say thanks to you. Give thanks to you for asking."

Newton-John then easily responded, "Oh, that course. We're sisters. Everyone that has actually gone ~ above this journey v cancer, it's unknown destinations and surprises and also turns."

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Newton-John was an initial diagnosed in 1992 and also overcame cancer again in 2013. In may 2017, she to be told the cancer had actually metastasized and also spread to her bones. However, the actress called reporters critical year in ~ G'Day USA in Beverly Hills, California, the she doesn't view it "as a battle."

"I'm winning end it well and that's just how I watch it," she said. "I don't think around it a lot, to be honest. Denial is a really an excellent thing and also I'm getting stronger and far better all the time! I'm doing well!"



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In February, Newton-John told human being that she had actually been "feeling great" — so lot so the she and also her husband, man Easterling, launched their Olivia Newton-John structure Fund in stimulate to continue to assistance research into plant medication for cancer.

During Wednesday's interview, the singer explained that right now, she's "feeling quite good," managing her ache with clinical marijuana with the help of Easterling.

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"I have my days, I have my pains, yet the cannabis that my husband grows for me has actually been together a huge part of mine healing, and also so I'm a really lucky person," she called Kotb.

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