VETERANS DAYFREE entree for active duty and also VETERANS from a unique list of favorites, to add a 10% army discount because that their family members members dining v them!

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Italy is the impetus behind our restaurants, indigenous the ingredients we usage to our award-winning alcohol list. Most of all, we are inspired by the Italian society – warmth, actual hospitality and the importance inserted on family. Our enthusiasm for Italy led us to develop both the Olive Garden Culinary institute of Tuscany, situated on the grounds that the Rocca delle Macie winery, and the Italian chef Council, a group of chefs based in Italy that meet and collaborate through the Olive Garden executive, management chefs. To further show our commitment to Italy, we send a select group that employees each year to the Culinary institute to come to be immersed in the culture, obtain inspiration and also learn the fundamentals the Italian cooking. Come date, an ext than 1200 Olive Garden team members have traveled to Tuscany to participate in this experience.
Military Discount: Don"t KnowShips APO/FPO: Don"t Know
Military Veteran Owned: Don"t KnowParking:
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards: Don"t KnowDelivery: Don"t Know
Kid Friendly: Don"t Know
While we shot to store our website updated, military and also veteran discounts can adjust at a moment notice. Always check v the business to for sure the discount is still valid, and what ID(s) space acceptable because that proof the service. Constantly have your proof that service accessible when redeeming a army discount.

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