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Trident Seafoods repurchase Catcher/Processor Starbound native Aleutian Spray Fisheries

Aleut Corp Met v DOJ on Antitrust concerns in new Bering Sea cod Trawl routine

Competitors step Up to assist Atlantic Aqua ranches Following Fire That destroyed Facility

DFO closely Monitoring phibìc Atlantic ideal Whales turn off Newfoundland

Halibut Stock boosted By huge Incoming Year course

FDA has actually Refused 73 Entry present of Antibiotic-Contaminated Shrimp So much This Year

Company propose Land-Based Salmon Farm near Colpoy"s just Plans details Sessions

New York Announces $5.7 Million in COVID-19 Relief for Fishing sector

Pilgrim"s radiation Water to be Dumped into Bay

Canada share Ghost equipment Program progression Over previous 2 years

South Carolina: Fishing watercraft Sinks, Leaking Diesel Fuel into Shem Creek

A brand-new Proposed Kelp farm yard Off Kodiak is part of cultivation Trend

£125,000 because that Scottish firm’s Cleaner Fish Project given Cash

‘A large Difference’: North coastline Dungeness Crab price Triple 2020 level

Illegal Fishing target in Southland Surveillance operation

Vietnam: Seafood Exports with US$8 billion in Jan-Nov

NovaNam Acquires brand-new Deep-sea Trawlers in ~ Lderitz

Vaccine for Oysters could Save Billions of Molluscs" resides

Washington"s Maritime market Is advertise To Be much more Inclusive, welcoming

Endangered Whale offers Birth when Entangled in Fishing Rope

Aquaculture eight At our Fingertips: research

State and also Partners celebrate Virginia Oyster restoration Project"s Success

gendergeek.org an overview Tuesday, December 7

Mon. Dec 6 2021

King, snow Crab face Shortages and also Size restrictions Moving into 2022

PODCAST: brand-new Bedford Scallops fight High, Dungeness Crab Season Opens, and an ext

Supreme Court Denies Bid come Rescind Lobstering Closure

Pacific Halibut Biomass tho Low, yet Signs that Recruitment hopeful as IPHC Nears yearly Meeting

It’s Official: 96 Container Ships space Waiting come Dock at SoCal harbor

Register because that the Upcoming Urner Barry Seafood market Update Webinar on Crab and also Groundfish

More Bigeye because that Pacific Longliners? scientists Say Yes, together with Increased monitoring

Scientists present Warm-water Habitats assist Fuel Coldwater Fish

Opinion: Maine"s Lobster industry is in a Fight for its survival

Chilean Coho leader the October Salmon Sales at Tokyo main Wholesale sector

Fire loss P.E.I. Shellfish organization

Octopus Database Planned to Fight Overfishing as worldwide Demand boosts

How will certainly Offshore Wind Farms affect Gulf that Mexico Fishing? federal Regulators desire to recognize

Sysco acquires Fresh create Distributor The coastal Companies

5-Day ground connection of 78-Foot Fishing courage on Truro beach end Saturday

Fishing Captain Fined for Cutting across Bow the Ro/Ro on Columbia Bar

Opinion: It will Take job-related to conserve Maine"s working Waterfront

Coastal an initial Nation Declares safeguarded Area to keep Salmon and also Grizzly Bear populaces

Salem, Oregon"s Fitts Seafoods alters Hands

Marlborough Oyster Farmer"s Hi-tech device Proves a Pearler of an Idea

Children can Slash risk of having actually Asthma in half By Eating an ext Oily Fish

Fixing Septic solution is vital to Protecting Puget Sound Shellfish

India: Govt Negligence turns Benaulim Prawn Hatchery Project right into a Ghost house

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk Encouraging Queenslanders come Eat local Seafood This vacation Season

Fri. Dec 3 2021

Bristol just 2022 Salmon Forecast highest Ever, 2 Buyers advanced 2021 basic Price come $1.45/lb

Scallops Hit brand-new Record Price in new Bedford

VIDEO: USDA acquisition Awards; Disney accumulation Spiny Lobster; Seafood it is provided Chain Crisis; Gorton"s LTO

Maine Lobstering Union documents Supreme Court Appeal come Halt LMA-1 Fishing Closure

Trident Seafoods Founder to be Honored; Seafood Showcased during ‘Battle In Seattle’ Basketball video game

Earth-friendly Packaging by OBI Seafoods, Chitin Packaging developed

JAPAN: October Seafood Exports doubled In Frozen Yellowtail for the U.S.

Norwegian Seafood Exports Topple annual Value documents With December Still to Come

Fish farm yard Firm Cermaq Canada Fined $500,000 for B.C. Diesel spill

Sernapesca: Salmon agency Hit With far-ranging Fine after ~ Mortality Mismanagement

Pride that Bristol Bay: permanent Protections in see for Bristol bay

Company proposing Land-Based Salmon Farm near Colpoy"s only Plans Meetings

New England Shrimp sector Should no Restart, experts Say

Thirteen-Year hold-up in Newfoundland and Labrador Fishing boat Owner"s Insurance insurance claim "Inexcusable"

Gathered foods items Co-Founders called UBS an international Visionaries

B.C. Agency Brings new Tech come Atlantic Canada as DFO Pushes towards Fishing sector E-Logbooks

North Queensland absent Lobster farm a World first

Applause for Claws

Israeli agency Opens $18M basic in St. Louis to develop Plant-Based Meat Substitutes

Rockfish come Launch Seafood Delivery business Seafood at home

ASP executive, management Director Derek butler Wins financial Developer of the Year compensation

Big Appetite because that Salmon drives Sales in Kenya

gendergeek.org summary Friday, December 3

Thu. Dec 2 2021

Crabbers Crack record Opening Prices for Dungeness together Season opens up on West shore

This week in Retail: jingle Bells, December selling

Bering Sea anglers Press the supervisory board on Halibut Bycatch

KOREA: Locals Love because that Live Seafood boosts Imports indigenous Norway

Mowi top Coller FAIRR Protein Producer index Again; Grieg, Lerøy nearby Behind

Industry, Biologist at Odds end Whether Closure that Fish Farms influenced Sea-Lice level

Barramundi team Notes growth Progress, perfect of the Brunei Hatchery in Q3 organization Update

Scientists Support new Measures, transforms to Hawaii Longline Tuna Fishery

Room because that Vietnam"s Seafood Exports to Canada Remains big

‘The market is Growing’: increase in Young Fishers a good Sign because that Lobster Fishing sector

Fish net Recycling in Alaska top 1 Million Pounds

Northern empire Issues solution to EPA"s Announcement regarding Protection of Bristol only Watershed

Coast Guard: arrangement to move Grounded Trawler off Truro in the functions

Port Lincoln Tuna agriculture Outlook Bright, inquiry Hears

Support because that Kiribati move on marine Sanctuary

France desires EU to interference in Fishing Row through UK if talks Fail - an elderly Diplomat

Lummi country Declares disaster After Invasive Crab come

K-FISH Celebrates effective Promotional events in November

gendergeek.org review Thursday, December 2

Wed. Dec 1 2021

NFI: ‘Time because that Washington to Act Now’ to help Solve Seafood supply Chain situation

Most Canadian Aquaculture Fisheries Exempted indigenous U.S. Whale Watchlist

Russia ready to boost Crab Catch and also its Exports following Year

Alaska Fish Radio: tiny Companies Win big at new Products compete

Walmart CEO says Biden supply Chain press is Easing Bottlenecks

Vietnamese Shrimp Exports to China decrease Deeply

Rising Inflation, sewage Pandemic Dampen U.S. Customer Confidence

DFO hits B.C. Salmon Harvester with virtually $90K well After regimen Inspection

Ikura Salmon Caviar tops at 8312 yen/kg, up 600 yen/kg in ~ Tokyo main Wholesale market

Mowi-Owned north Harvest Sea farms Reports Mortality occasion at Newfoundland Salmon website

Environmentalists question British Columbia Fish farm yard Applications

Oyster harvesting Closed in St. Mary"s County; second Time in mainly State Shuts procedure

Fishing Vessel"s Narrow miss out on of Collision v a Cargo Ship outcomes in USCG citation

Tasmanian Farmed Salmon Alliance Backs Salmon

gendergeek.org summary Wednesday, December 1

Subway widening in Saudi Arabia many thanks to brand-new Franchise covenant

Cyanide Ruled out as cause of mass Deaths of Crab and also Lobsters Washed up on English Shores

Iceland’s Tuna Quota mainly Unused

Maine"s working Waterfront faces a tide of hazards

Serving Halibut To accomplish A better Planet

Can Seaweed Curb Methane native Cows

‘Health-Giving’ Fish Waste supplies Food Formulators Cost and Sustainability services

Heimon Kala Oy’s Kokkola Fish handling Plant in Finland to Close

Tue. Nov 30 2021

UPDATED: Atlantic big Whale take it Reduction Team conference Postponed

gendergeek.org summary Tuesday, November 30

Gorton’s brings Value-Sized Butterfly Shrimp come Kroger front of the Holidays

Maine Food jobs Net $3.5 Million in commonwealth Grants to rise Local, regional Food systems

Grocer Hy-Vee by Seafood Supplier password of conduct

California Oil spill Area Closure eliminated as of Noon Today; Harvesters can Resume Fishing

Department of business Unveils final Results of Antidumping Duty testimonial for Frozen Shrimp from India

Japan Captain it s okay Suspended ax on fatal Collision through Russia delivery

Kiribati PIPA Decision: Scientist claims There"s more Value in Taking control of Fisheries

Seafood Sales Balloon throughout China’s Singles job

Alaska Fish Radio: Halibut Hopeful indicators for 2022

Market Mover: Fresh whole Salmon

Russia’s Norebo group Expands residential Presence

Kingfish company Purchases Land because that Maine Land-Based Aquaculture basic

Tasmania Seafood Takes flight to asian Markets Once more

New Zealand: Southland Fishing company on Trial because that Alleged Misleading explanation

Back-of-Boat Lobster Sales Doubled together West Australians Snap Up catch

Blue BioTrade task Supports a study on the Saint Lucia Conch sector

Researchers aim to revolve Seafood Byproducts Into source of Nutrition

Labor: Vietnam looks for to support Fisheries workers Recruited to southern Korea

OPINION: Regulatory constraints are making Food supply Chain disturbances Worse

Urner Barry Unveils brand-new Quotations ~ above Peruvian Scallops

The Winding Glass: Lobster market Consolidation enlarge Story than High opened Prices this Winter

Mon. Nov 29 2021

gendergeek.org an introduction Monday, November 29

NaturalShrimp, GSI Complete an initial Commercial Deliveries of Live Shrimp

Two Trawl Surveys in northern Bering Sea show Overall decline in Many varieties

Jean Lafitte-Area fishermen Struggle through Wrecked Boats, lost Businesses and Lots of dirt

Thai Plant-Based Meat Sector set for growth as neighborhood Brands increase

Company producing Sustainable Packaging native Shellfish Waste closes $2.5 Million Seed resources Round

Labour - Illegal methods Still uncovered in Fishing, NHRC claims

Your favorite Restaurant could Be Taking delivery Off the food selection

Trident, High Liner amongst Firms come Land USDA Contracts because that Salmon, Pollock

Malaysia: Acute Worker Shortage in Fishing Industry could Drive increase Seafood Prices quickly

Interior department Approves second Large U.S. Offshore Wind farm

OPINION: Aquaculture Safe, Sustainable way to an increase U.S. Seafood manufacturing

VASEP: Shrimp Exports Up v 10 Months together Shipments to united state Rise, constraints Ease

JAPAN: Surimi Inventory drops Again In respectable But all at once Shipping consistent

Alaska Fish Radio: big Plankton Bloom Bodes Well for Gulf of Alaska

Alaska Fish Radio: Electric watercrafts Get a rise in Alaska

Beijing Strengthens Seafood sector Supervision

Disney Backs Caribbean Spiny Lobster Conservation project

JAPAN: capture Certificates Eyed come Thwart Eel Poaching

Vietnamese Enterprises must Redirect Pangasius Exports

French fishermen Block Ports, Eurotunnel in Spat v UK

No building on suggest Maine Salmon Farm in spite of Greenlight

A guide to understanding the Fight end Whales and Lobster gear in the Gulf the Maine

Fire Destroys another Nova Scotia Lobster pound Days before Commercial Season opens

Maryland"s Oyster Industry hopes for a cant This Season

Maryland firm Failure to Alert Public led to Illnesses native Sewage-tainted Oysters

Environment company Confirm Dead Crabs, Lobsters on Yorkshire Beaches Not eliminated By pollution

Domoic mountain in Razor Clams Prompts Concerns, experimentation in Dungeness Crab; USCG Urges security

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Alaska to get Billions native Biden’s $1.2 Trillion facilities Investment and also Jobs plot

Japan: October Seafood Imports dropped Year-on-Year After 4 Months

Captain Phip’s Seafood, Owner Jamie Harrington, Sentenced for commonwealth Visa Fraud

Maine branch Mills Announces procedures to Prepare because that Offshore Wind investments

NFI Crab council Congratulates Sri Lankan Blue swim Crab FIP on Sustainability compensation

California Rescues Young Chinook during Drought; Releases into Klamath river

New Zealand firm FlipFarm Wins global Aquaculture creation Award

Blue swimming Crab Meat Inventories Thin, Raw material Pricing full Steady to Firming abroad

COVID involves Cancel 2022 Maine Fishermen"s Forum

gendergeek.org summary Wednesday, November 24

UK cook Shortage influencing Wholesale Shrimp industry

Record Salmon record in Russia This Year Does no Lead to decline of price in Local market

"The government Has offered Us Out"; Standoff at Sea Sours fishermen, us Wind relationships

Record Crab and Lobster prices Drive value of N.L. Landings past Billion-Dollar mark

Tasmania: Aquaculture study Bill sustained by a majority

Australia: house Committee come Hear from southern Aquaculture teams

Digby Lobster Processor could Shutter end Clerical oversight

Nail in Coffin because that Oyster Growers

Sustainable Salmon Fishing by Tsleil-Waututh confirmed in new Study

gendergeek.org closed on Thursday, November 25 and also Friday, November 26

Alaska Symphony the Seafood: "And the First-Round Winners room .... "

gendergeek.org summary Tuesday, November 23

Federal Fisheries Disaster asserted for 2019 Atlantic Herring Fishery

Acme acting Fish foundation Launches through Goal to fund Climate change Solutions

Ropeless Fishing reduce Whale Entanglements, UCT examine Finds

SURVEY: Inflation leads to Thanksgiving Cutbacks

Bumble bee Names senior VP the Sales as leadership Team grow

New kind of ice Cube can Revolutionize just how Food is preserved Cold

Canadian Plant-Based Meat, Seafood Producer Launches products in Australia, new Zealand

Cooke’s Cold s Salmon Reports ISA Detections in ~ Newfoundland Salmon website

Toyosu market October Imported Tuna Sales under In Wild Bluefins from north America

Wind farms Bidders Promise study Into ecological Effects in Scotland

UAF Grad student Keeps monitor of Orca Whale interactions With Underwater Microphones

UF/IFAS an enhancing Florida"s Shellfish Aquaculture Industry, Water Quality initiatives