Geez! once did it go up again? just sold a 180 dissension item and was charged 24 dollars in company fees. When did it change from 9.9?

Guess i’m heading earlier to eBay wherein you have actual world you can call for support and also pay the same fee. Really wish it to be still 7.9%


Yep i simply went to confirm a sale and also i was shocked. They began at 7 as soon as shipping firsy released then 10 now this, No better than ebay now

I to be going come post around this too.

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Way too high. I've sold high disagreement items sometimes for a USPS MO to avoid it.

What can we do about it though?

Sell ~ above eBay and also mercari who have actually actual client service and are still at 10%.

I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot by doing this. Can not tell you just how many feasible sales they have actually lost out on through the seller not wanting to ship through offerup because of the fees.

Just turned off this application lmao yes, really trash now. Favor it’s always been kinda ass however it’s jus unuseable now

I to be LIVID about this! i have promoted this app to so many human being over the past 18 months. I have actually been shipping out almost everyday.This year ALONE they walk from 6.9% to 9.9% to flipping between shipping carrier (USPS to UPS -who won't choose up at the residence with third party labels- back to USPS). They have actually raised the fees from 9.9% come a minimum that $2.00 every item because that items under $20. They have actually now increased postage prices this previous week (yet the yes, really carriers have not elevated their rates!) and also now to it is in hit with a 12.9% marketing fee?! THIS IS BULLSHIT! GREED GREED GREED!

I had actually a customer that had things arrive damaged native the postal business the other day and also she contacted sell UP and instead of refunding her they instructed her to "work it out v the seller"! And, if you space an active nationwide seller girlfriend have more than most likely come throughout a finish nonsense the person who lives that provides a claim versus an item castle received and also has made decision it is not what they wanted- market UP doesn't even bother to hear to the seller response- instead they just don't pay! (I had actually a woman buy an alert clock that proceeded come dissect the clock after ~ delivery and found it had actually plastic gears and not steel gears together she to be hoping for. She make a claim about the inside of the alert clock! I never advertised anything about the inside of the clock! Yet- guess who didn't obtain paid?!).

There is no method to interact with her buyer when their message is auto deleted. I have a the majority of customers the ask me to call them as soon as I gain a particular item ago in stock, yet the application does not permit for this. And, there is no means to recognize if you have had previous interactions v a particular customer and what their buying history with you has actually been.

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It is difficult to search for a seller/buyer. Once i meet potential customers in person and also I tell lock the platform on which ns sell, i literally need to take their phone in mine hands, search for things i have listed, and also favourite myself for them and also then teach them exactly how to accessibility favourites! WTF?!

And there is no one accessible to aid or attend to the problems of buyers and sellers. There is ZERO interaction with regard to announcements alters in plan etc. I can't seem to find a solitary memo or push release announcing any kind of changes. Every time the change the fees, shipping, load class/ package needs it is done in a clandestine manner. Very SHADY organization PRACTICE!

A year earlier I would have rated this app 10/10. Now, the is a 2/10 -good for regional sales only. I guess I'll it is in spending my vacation break feather for one more platform.