Our organization is one the fits normally with eco-friendly sustainability. We Live eco-friendly at O’Reilly Auto parts by helping you save your cars to run efficiently, extending miles per gallon and extending the life of your car. Every day, our Team Members conserve resources and also reduce operating expenses through recycling and also intentional power conservation. We offer convenient drop-off areas for used oil, oil filters, batteries, radiators and also other parts as well as other program that eliminate hazardous waste from our environment. Our environmental awareness consists of actions taken throughout the spectrum of our operations native Corporate Offices, distribution Centers and Stores come our delivery Fleets and Solar project initiatives.

High efficiency HVAC units.Office lighting motion sensors.LED bright (approximate 40% power savings) in corporate office development with retrofit of various other office room planned.Installation that Low-E glass in corporate office structures (approximate 25% power savings).Energy management system to efficiently control heating, cooling and also lighting.Toner cartridge recyclingRecycling old computers, monitors and printers.

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Recycled in 2018Approximate RecycledEquivalent Savings
Paper (office paper, magazines and also newspapers)279 - Tons4,800 trees, 70,000 lbs CO2 absorbed, 1,140,000 kWh energy, 105,000 gallons that oil, 930 cubic yards of landfill space, 1,950,000 gallons the water, 17,000 pounds much less air pollutants, 75% energy savings vs. Brand-new paper


Newer DCs usage LED lighting (approximate 40% energy savings) and also older DCs space transitioning to LED lighting.Newer DC roofs are white Duralast Membrane because that solar reflectivity v R30 insulation generally.Installation the WattStopper activity sensors on internal lighting.Installation of external lighting picture sensors and also timed commercial fans.
Recycled in 2018Approximate RecycledEquivalent Savings
Cardboard (baled/compacted)10,953 - Tons186,000 trees, 2,700,000 lbs CO2 absorbed, 4,300,000 kWh energy, 504,000 gallons of oil, 99,000 cubic yards of landfill space, 24% energy savings vs. Brand-new cardboard
Pallets (recycled and also returned to Suppliers)1,065,835 - Pallets133,000 trees, 2,000,000 lbs CO2 absorbed annually
Paper (office paper, magazines and newspapers)98 - Tons1,700 trees, 25,000 lbs CO2 absorbed, 402,000 kWh energy, 37,000 gallons the oil, 300 cubic yards of landfill space, 690,000 gallons of water, 5,900 pounds less air pollutants, 75% power savings vs. Brand-new paper
Metal (rotors, brake pads, radiators, etc.)10,937 - Tons7,000,000 kWh energy, 830,000 gallons that oil, 44,000 cubic yards that landfill space, 25% power savings vs. New metal
Plastic (shrink wrap and also strapping)274 - Tons1,600,000 kWh energy, 188,000 gallons of oil, 8,000 cubic yards of landfill space, 88% energy savings vs. Raw materials
Wood scrap (not pallets)22 - Tons350 trees, 5,000 lbs CO2 absorbed
Totes (high high quality recyclable plastic)303 - Tons1,700,000 kWh energy, 208,000 gallons that oil, 9,000 cubic yards of landfill space, 88% energy savings vs. Life materials
Industrial Batteries139 - Tons


Onboard computers monitor driver behavior and also vehicle performance bring about fuel savings.Routing mechanism minimizes miles driven in between DC and also stores.On-going driver scorecards and also coaching to reinforce actions that alleviate fuel usage.Tractor mix purchases that minimize fleet fuel usage.Advanced waiting fairing package on tractors to mitigate fuel usage.

Replacing much less fuel efficient and higher CO2 producing delivery vehicles with an ext fuel efficient models.Installation that high performance HVAC units through 33% power savings end previous HVAC units.Installation that Low-E window glass (approximate 25% power savings).Installation of interior and also exterior LED light (approximate 40% power savings) with lessened landfill materials.Energy monitoring system come efficiently control heating, cooling and lighting (approximate 20% energy savings).Core product return are gathered for remanufacturing (alternators, starters, A/C Compressors, etc.).Waste bucket program that segregates damaged or leaking chemistry containers for suitable disposal.Reduced usage of single use plastic bags in selected states.

Dumpster lid locking routine to control hazardous waste disposal at O"Reilly locations. (in selected states)Enhanced training to facilitate recognition and amplified management of hazardous and universal waste. (in selected states)Enhanced rubbish bucket regimen that includes neutralized lead acid battery electrolyte. (in selected states)Trash bag inspection regimen to ensure distinction of bucket program and other special managing programs. (in selected states)Drain box program to enhance used oil arsenal containers and maximize recycling of offered oil. (in selected states)Third party dumpster audits to ensure suitable handling and also disposal that waste and also universal waste. (in selected states)

Recycled in 2018Approximate RecycledEquivalent Savings
Consumer automobile Lead-Acid Batteries6,749,800 batteries171,000,000 lbs recycle lead, 35% power savings vs. New metal, 340,000 cubic yards that landfill space, 20,000,000 lbs recycle plastics, 88% energy savings vs. Life materials
Used motor Oil Filters7,056 - 55 gallon drums1,760,000 uncrushed filters, 1,760,000 lbs recyclable steel, 138,000 gallons residual oil, 344,000 quarts brand-new motor oil, tantamount 5,800,000 gallons crude oil oil
Used engine Oil7,744,190 gallons19,400,000 quarts new motor oil, identical 325,000,000 gallons crude oil oil, 67% less power to filter vs. Crude

not all recycling solutions are readily available at every location. Check your regional store for accessible services and much more details.
O’Reilly Auto Parts at this time has a full of 4,246 solar panels in use. As a result, the is supposed for the solar panels come produce around 2,100,000 kWh of electricity annually which translates to roughly 200 typical U.S. Households electric energy requirements met, or an balance out of roughly 176,675 gallons of petrol consumed.Solar panels were included to selected stores in Southwest Missouri in 2015.Solar panels were included to selected stores in southern Carolina in 2017.Solar jobs are under testimonial for shop in Hawaii and North Carolina.Solar jobs are under testimonial for our Corporate Headquarters and also select distribution Centers.

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During 2018 O’Reilly became an investors in six North Carolina solar farms with a full of 147,822 solar panels in use. Together a result, the is meant the solar panels will certainly produce roughly 52,000,000 kWh of electricity annually which translates to meeting roughly 5,000 average U.S. Households electric energy needs, or an balance out of approximately 4,100,000 gallons of gasoline consumed.