This November, at an early stage starts on October 23rd. 

Every NYC voter have the right to vote beforehand in person prior to Election Day. early on is convenient, fast, and flexible.

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Where to vote

You should vote at your assigned at an early stage site. Your at an early stage site might be various from her Election job poll site, therefore make certain to check prior to you go! 

Find my poll site

When come vote

You can vote at an early stage from October 23 - October 31, though hrs vary each day. Just like on choice Day, you have the right to visit your early on site any type of time polls room open.

Saturday, October 23

8AM – 5PM

Sunday, October 24

8AM – 5PM

Monday, October 25

7AM – 4PM

Tuesday, October 26

10AM – 8PM

Wednesday, October 27

10AM – 8PM

Thursday, October 28

10AM – 8PM

Friday, October 29

7AM – 4PM

Saturday, October 30

8AM – 5PM

Sunday, October 31

8AM – 4PM

Did you know: early on is habit-forming! voters were 372% an ext likely come vote early in the 2020 basic election if they had actually previously poll early.

Top FAQs

Can i vote beforehand if I requested or submitted an absentee ballot?

Yes! If you vote in person after requesting or submitting an absentee ballot, your absentee ballot is automatically disqualified. Just your in human being vote will certainly count. You perform not need to bring your absentee ballot to her poll site.

What room the benefits of early on

Early gives voters more flexibility, reduces wait time on choice Day, and eases the load on vote workers, producing a more pleasant endure for everyone!

Why perform we poll early?

Early to be signed into law through the branch in 2019. It had bipartisan assistance in the State Senate and also Assembly.

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Where execute I vote?

Visit the NYC plank of poll website to discover your at an early stage location

uncover my poll site

Key Dates


Deadline to readjust Party Affiliation

Mon, February 14, 2022

Voter registration Deadline

Fri, June 3, 2022


Sat, June 18, 2022 - Sun, June 26, 2022

Primary choice Day

Tue, June 28, 2022
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More come Know

My legal rights

Before friend head come the polls, discover your legal rights as a NYC Voter!

my rights

Meet the Candidates

Learn around the candidates on your ballot, their peak issues, and also more!

satisfy the Candidates

Register to Vote

Learn about who’s default to vote in NYC and also how come register.

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Learn around Registering to poll

Stay Informed

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