The right to life is enshrined in both an international and regional human legal rights conventions. The ideal to life and also respect for human being dignity and inviolability space the underlying values on which all other person rights and also the basic principles of the dominion of regulation are based. The usage of the fatality penalty is a violation of these principles and also is, in itself, inhumane.

Efforts to abolish the death penalty room an integral component of the Government’s human rights policy. The to adjust of international Affairs supplies a broad variety of devices in addressing this issue in global and regional organisations, and also when engaging straight with separation, personal, instance countries.

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Norway urges the authorities in nations where the death penalty is quiet practised to introduce an instant moratorium, and to abolish the death penalty both in legislation and also in practice. Norway additionally insists that worldwide minimum standards room complied with and encourages better openness and accessibility to details in those countries where the death penalty is quiet practised, in bespeak to strengthen legal protection. In part countries, Norway is functioning to avoid the death penalty from gift reintroduced.

When the death penalty is carried out in a particularly inhumane way or used against minors, pregnant females or persons who cannot be understood criminally responsible, this is a clean violation of global law. So as well is the use of the death penalty in cases where ideal legal protection has not to be ensured during the legal process, and in instances where it is provided for actions the cannot be taken into consideration as the most serious crimes. As soon as Norway learns of together cases, we make our views known to the responsible authorities, one of two people alone or in addition to the EU and other like-minded countries. The nations that practise use of the fatality penalty most typically today are China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and also Iraq. There are miscellaneous places roughly the people where detainees are subject to inhumane treatment by having to wait in apprehension on death row for countless years. There is quiet wrongful execution of people who space later discovered to be innocent. In some instances the fatality penalty violates the person rights and legal defense of individuals, and also moreover, experience mirrors that it has no deterrent effect on crime in society.

The global trend is in the direction of abolition the the fatality penalty. At the moment the UN was created in 1945, only eight states had abolished the fatality penalty for every crimes. By 1977, this figure had increased to 16, and also today roughly 160 the the 193 UN member states have abolished the death penalty one of two people by legislation or in practice, according to the Office the the High Commissioner for human Rights.

This is likewise reflected in the UN. Norway, in addition to a broad alliance that countries, has ensured extensive and also increasing assistance for the UN resolution urging all claims to present a moratorium ~ above the use of the fatality penalty as a step towards complete abolition. In enhancement to its initiatives in the UN and also in specific countries, Norway cooperates with and supports NGOs and also human legal rights defenders who are involved in strategic, long-term initiatives to abolish the death penalty in multiple regions.

As part of the Government’s worldwide efforts, Norway held the sixth World Congress versus the death Penalty in 2016. Occasions of this kind bring together individual states, the UN, civil society organisations, assorted experts and also committed individuals, enabling them to share your experience, knowledge, networks and capacity to exert an influence. This help to mobilise support, consisting of in nations that have not however abolished the death penalty.

Although the death penalty is not prohibited under worldwide law, there room strict limitations on says in place. Vital instruments in this respect are the 2nd Optional Protocol to the UNs International commitment on Civil and also Political civil liberties (OP2), the europe Convention on human Rights (ECHR) and the American Convention on human Rights. The the supervisory board of Europe has actually made abolition that the fatality penalty a prerequisite for membership.

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Norway’s priorities:

encourage all countries to abolish the fatality penalty by law or introduce a moratorium on executions and also become party to OP2, which aims to attain the abolition of the death penalty;encourage nations that have actually not gotten rid of the fatality penalty indigenous their regulation to present a moratorium top top its usage as a very first step in the direction of abolition, and also vote in favour of the UN’s resolution ~ above a moratorium on the use of the fatality penalty;urge says that have retained provisions because that the fatality penalty in your legislation, however that carry out not carry out executions, to eliminate these provisions from your legislation and not come reintroduce the death penalty;support and follow up the anti-death penalty efforts of civil society organisations at country level in various regions;put soon ethical, legal and empirical arguments for the abolition that the fatality penalty.

Guidelines for efforts to abolish the fatality penalty: