North Korea is developing much more video gamings for the population, state media said Sunday. Picture by KCNA

Oct. 15 ( -- The Russian federal government indicated assistance for a officially declaration finishing the korean War throughout talks in Moscow, a South korean diplomat said.

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when the Atlantic hurricane season does no officially end until Nov. 30, AccuWeather forecasters think that the odds of any extr tropical storm formation in the near future space low.

Oct. 15 ( -- The Russian Defense Ministry said it chased off a U.S. Navy destroyer around to hurt the country"s border near the Sea that Japan during joint Moscow-Beijing military drills.

Oct. 15 ( -- brothers lawmaker David Amess passed away Friday ~ he was stabbed number of times while meeting with constituents at a church in Leigh-on-Sea.
Oct. 15 ( -- 3 explosions rocked a mosque in Afghanistan"s southern province of Kandahar throughout prayers Friday, killing much more than a dozen people.
on La Palma, several malnourished dogs were found roaming a walled-in yard that"s been covered in ash -- and reaching lock was impossible until two service providers stepped in with life-saving drones recently.
Oct. 14 ( -- A half-shredded painting by Banksy titled "Love is in the Bin" sold to an cotton bidder for $25.4 million top top Thursday
Oct. 14 ( -- Police in Norway on Thursday determined Espen Andersen Brathen, 37, together the suspect in a bow and arrow attack that killed five people while stating the attack "appears to be an plot of terrorism."
BEIRUT, Lebanon, Oct. 14 ( -- deadly clashes the erupted Thursday during a protest organized by Hezbollah and also its Shiite allied to need the removed of the referee investigating critical year"s Beirut harbor explosion to be a pains reminder of polite war.

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Oct. 14 ( -- The unified States has rejoined the united Nations person Rights council after former President Donald Trump i was withdrawn from the controversial panel 3 years ago.