SEOUL, Nov. 23 ( -- former South korean President Chun Doo-hwan, a basic who seized power in a 1979 army coup and brutally suppressed a pro-democracy uprising in the city that Gwangju a year later, passed away Tuesday in ~ his home in Seoul.

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SEOUL, Nov. 22 ( -- South korean entertainment agency CJ ENM announced it has actually agreed to purchase Hollywood film studio venture Content, i beg your pardon produced an international hit La La Land.

Nov. 22 ( -- In a new measure to slow-moving the spread of COVID-19, health officials in Kenya will certainly limit access to government services, including revenue, transport, ports, immigration and education agencies to those who room unvaccinated.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 ( -- UNICEF introduced a plan this month that intends to pay teachers" earnings in Afghanistan there is no going v the Taliban-run government.

Nov. 22 ( -- A spokesman for former Israeli element Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ceded his delayed testimony in Netanyahu"s corruption psychological on Monday, and described a mystery meeting that concentrated on a bribery plot.

Nov. 22 ( -- Bulgarian chairman Rumen Radev has won re-election in a runoff poll by taking around two-thirds of every ballots, maintaining him in power for one more five years.
Nov. 22 ( -- Chilean voters next month will select their following president from 2 candidates -- one, a conservative lawmaker and also military hawk, and the other a former student activist that would be the country"s youngest leader.
Nov. 22 ( -- around a month after ~ they were abducted through a corridor in Haiti, 2 of 17 Christian aid missionaries have been exit on the Caribbean island, public representative say.
Nov. 21 ( -- Germany is encountering a "national emergency" with document coronavirus epidemic while neighborhood Austria will come to be the an initial western European country Monday to go into a nationwide lockdown.

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Nov. 21 ( -- Israeli police ~ above Sunday fatally shooting a Palestinian gunman that shot dead one Israeli man and seriously wounded four others in Old Jerusalem, officials said.