When Kim Jong-un took regulate of phibìc Korea at just 27, the people knew very little about the - yet a state-sanctioned personality cult was about to swing right into action.

The young leader was born into a mythology that taught the country the Kims to be a semi-divine empire who had actually a nearby affinity through the near-sacred mount Paektu that sits on the Korean-Chinese border.

By the logic, the young Kim would be normally endowed with heroic qualities and also preternatural strength. In reality when he to be announced as the leader in 2011, the pronouncement make clear the he "inherits the ideology, leadership, courage and also audacity that Comrade Kim Jong-il".

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Audacity was no an unreasonable word to use: within 5 years he had executed his uncle, is widely thought to have ordered the assassination of his half-brother in a Kuala Lumpur airport, and also North Korea had actually - for this reason it claimed - arisen a hydrogen bomb that might be placed in one inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The sombre, subdued and also rounded number that was often the subject of worldwide ridicule in those at an early stage days has made phibìc Korea a an extremely clear worldwide threat in a method his father Kim Jong-il never ever did.

He likewise did what no vault North oriental leader might - which to be to lug a sit American president to the negotiating table.

Image source, Reuters
Image caption, Kim Jong-un has received plenty of official titles because becoming north Korea's leader

He had small political or armed forces experience, but nearly immediately after ~ the fatality of his father, Kim to be hailed together "the great successor". That was called head that the party, state and also army, and also took ~ above the mantle of phibìc Korea's can be fried Leader.

His single-minded development of phibìc Korea's nuclear tools programme put him in a place to bring North Korea out of isolation and onto the an international negotiating table.

These led to historic talks v the US and also moves to boost relations through South, however despite summits and also talk the denuclearisation, there has actually been no progress.

Kim Jong-un, the youngest boy of Kim Jong-il and his 3rd wife Ko Yong-hui, was born in 1983 or 1984.

Image source, AFP

He was originally not thought to it is in in the frame to take up his father's mantle. Experts focused instead on his older half-brother Kim Jong-nam and also older full brother Kim Jong-chol.

However Kim Jong-nam's deportation from Japan in may 2001 and Kim Jong-chol's reported "unmanliness" enhanced his chances.

Swiss-educated favor his brothers, Kim Jong-un avoided west influences, returning house when no in school and also dining out v the North oriental ambassador.

His mother was believed to it is in Kim Jong-il's favourite wife, and she clearly doted on she son, reportedly calling that the "Morning Star King".

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In august 2010, when Kim Jong-il visited China, one report stated Kim Jong-un had actually accompanied his dad on the trip. By climate he was widely seen as the heir-apparent and also when Kim Jong-il died, this was easily confirmed.

Mr Kim make his very first public speech as North Korea marked the 100th anniversary the the birthday of founder Kim Il-sung on 15 April 2012, praising the "military first" doctrine and also vowing the moment his country could be intimidated was "forever over".