A flurry of current missile tests shows North Korea continuing to advance its tools programme, i beg your pardon it states is crucial to safeguard itself versus a possible US invasion.

In September alone, state media reported a new hypersonic missile had actually been tested and also a train-based ballistic missile and also a brand-new long-range cruise missile.

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In January this year - simply days prior to President Biden take it office - north Korea had unveiled a brand-new submarine-launched ballistic missile at a armed forces parade, calling that "the world's most an effective weapon".

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has pledged to expand the country's atom arsenal and also military potential, outlining a list of preferred weapons.

The nation has regulated to significantly advancement its arsenal in spite of being subject to economic sanctions.

Throughout 2017, north Korea tested numerous missiles demonstrating the rapid advancements in its armed forces technology.

The Hwasong-12 was assumed to have the ability to reach as far as 4,500km (2,800 miles), placing US army bases on the Pacific island the Guam well within to mark distance.

Later, the Hwasong-14 demonstrated even greater potential, v a selection of 8,000km although some studies suggested it might travel as much as 10,000km if fired top top a maximum trajectory.

This would have provided Pyongyang its first truly intercontinental ballistic missile, qualified of reaching new York.

Eventually, the Hwasong-15 to be tested, peaking in ~ an approximated altitude that 4,500km - 10 times greater than the International room Station.

If fired ~ above a more conventional "flatter" trajectory, the missile might have a maximum variety of part 13,000km, putting all of the continental united state in range.

It has not yet been named or tested. Choose the Hwasong-15, the is a two-stage liquid fuelled missile, yet with a better length and also diameter. It might possibly enable for lot of warheads.

It is thought to have the ability to deliver a atom warhead to almost everywhere in the US, and its size had surprised also seasoned experts when it was put on show in 2020.

In January 2021, north Korea unveiled an additional missile - a new form of submarine-launched ballistic missile which it claimed to be "the world's most powerful weapon".

Image source, KCNA

The unveiling of the brand-new missiles showed up to it is in a article to the Biden administration of the North's cultivation military prowess, to speak experts.

In march this year, it brought out a launch of what it called a "new-type tactical guided projectile", i beg your pardon is said was able to bring a payload that 2.5 tons - so qualified of in concept of moving a nuclear warhead.

The weapon has not been formally identified. Analysts at the James martin Centre for Nonproliferation studies told Reuters the it showed up to be "an improved variant" of a formerly tested missile, the KN-23.


Some professionals have suggested that the missile could have features permitting it come manoeuvre more easily, and making the harder come detect.

The current test the a long-range cruise missile can pose yet much more challenges for defence systems, as these missiles don't need to follow a directly trajectory and can it is in programmed to prevent detection.

State media claimed it could travel approximately 1,500km (930 miles), putting lot of Japan in ~ range, return it's not clear as yet exactly how it is guided, and also whether that could carry a nuclear payload.

Unlike ballistic missiles, present UN defense Council sanctions perform not prohibit north Korea from experimentation cruise missiles.

It's thought that it additionally has technology for the to be transported and stored totally fuelled, permitting for faster launch times and also making it daunting for adversaries come launch a pre-emptive strike.

On 3 September 2017, phibìc Korea performed by far its largest nuclear test to date, in ~ its Punggye-ri check site.

Estimates of the device's explosive power, or yield, ranged native 100-370 kilotons. A productivity of 100 kilotons would certainly make the test 6 times more powerful than the bomb to reduce on Hiroshima in 1945.


North Korea claimed this test to be its very first thermonuclear weapon - the many potent type of atom explosion where an atomic detonation is raised by a secondary fusion process to develop a far bigger blast.

In April 2018, north Korea announced it would certainly suspend more nuclear tests since its capabilities had been "verified".

North Korea additionally promised to dismantle the Punggye-ri site and in may 2018 blew up some of the tunnels in the presence of foreign journalists - but with no international professionals .

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As dialogue gained underway in between Kim Jong-un and also President Trump's administration that year, Pyongyang likewise said the it would damage all that nuclear material enrichment facilities.