Kruger, 45, and also Reedus, 52, met while filming the 2015 movie Sky. They promoted the film with each other at the Toronto worldwide Film Festival before going public through their romance in march 2017.

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In might 2018, many sources shown to civilization Kruger to be pregnant through the couple's very first child after the actress sparked rumors the her pregnant at the 2018 Cannes film Festival previously that month by attract a selection of loose-fitting outfits throughout the event.

In November of that year, world confirmed Kruger and also Reedus had welcomed a daughter, which to be Kruger's very first child and also Reedus' second. (The Walking Dead star is additionally dad come 21-year-old son, Mingus, native a previous relationship with Helena Christensen.)

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The couple has constantly kept their partnership private and also that has extended to their daughter by keeping details of she birth, including her name and exact birthday, private. 

In July, Reedus shared a rare glimpse right into the couple's household time through their 2½-year-old daughter as soon as he mutual a picture of the trio the end for a stroll ~ above his Instagram account. 

In the photo, the actor can be seen delivering their daughter top top his shoulders as Kruger pushed a stroller while go in front of them. 

That same month, Kruger mutual an Instagram selfie of herself and also Reedus in ~ the beach, through the caption, "US ❤️❤️#5 

While the pair are private about their toddler, lock do periodically share pictures that don't present her face.

In honor of Father's day this year, Kruger posted 2 photos the Reedus through his daughter on she Instagram, creating in the caption, "We ❤️ U Papa 🎊 Happy Father's Day come the one v the sweetest love ♥️."

At the time, Reedus likewise received a tribute native Christensen, 52, that featured a photo of the actor holding hands v his daughter throughout a walk with Mingus.

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"Happy Father's Day come the dad of our kid (and his lil sis)," Christensen caption her post, adding, "We increased a great one 🙌."

Back in 2019, Kruger opened up come around her daughter v Reedus and how the little one is emerging quite the personality.

"She's not really girlie, she's type of a dude," the actress said, adding that she's still conserving some Chanel for she daughter. "It's fun to have actually a girl, I will certainly say. I choose that, too."



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