Fans suspect there"s an ext to Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev"s friendship than meets the eye, but are castle related?

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because that viewers who sat under to clock the CW"s "The Vampire Diaries" once it debuted in 2009 without knowing who the cast members were, that first episode was a trip. Nina Dobrev, who played the lead on the display (Elena Gilbert), looked really familiar.

but watching the show"s credits, it came to be clear the Nina Dobrev to be the headlining act.

The thing was, she looked so much like another Hollywood actress, also Wikipedia obtained confused. Yep, there"s a broken linking come an article around "CW spreading Victoria Justice." Only, that never happened.

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Honestly, it"s a relief the someone ultimately said it: Victoria Justice and also Nina Dobrev look a lot alike.

and fans aren"t the only ones who"ve noticed. Victoria said MTV that civilization often mistake her for Nina in daily life, explaining, "Dude! friend don"t understand, I acquire this every single day... Everyone always confuses me for her." So it wasn"t surprising when MTV journalists request for her thoughts top top one red carpet.

of course, Victoria notes, it"s a complete compliment. And upon meeting, the pair "hugged the out." The ladies are also close in age; Victoria is 27 and also Nina is 31. So, castle could it is in sisters.

Except, it"s very unlikely the they"re actually related, even distantly. Victoria Justice"s background is a mix of English, German, Irish, and Puerto Rican ancestry, and also she grew up in Florida before moving to California. Nina Dobrev, however, to be born in Bulgaria and also moved come Toronto, Canada at age two.

In fact, Nina"s begin as an actress came from a role on "Degrassi: The next Generation." That"s basically the identical of Victoria Justice"s Hollywood starts on "Zoe: 101," right?

The ladies both showed up at the Teen an option Awards in 2015, whereby Victoria gift Nina through her compensation for selection TV Actress, Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Fans were delighted again when the pair the doppelgängers crossed courses non-profesionally at, of all places, a polo match, noted Huffington Post. They also posed for pics together!

The comparisons in between the actresses extend beyond their looks, though. Nina Dobrev wound up leaving "The Vampire Diaries" because that reasons similar to Victoria Justice"s departure from Nickelodeon.

The bottom line? no actress wanted to beat a high schooler forever.

Even an ext impressive ~ above the perform of the ladies" similarities? They"re both really active in philanthropy. In ~ the very same time, no actress is at every flashy about her millions. Over there again is miscellaneous the ladies have in common: they"re each worth around $10 million!

but the 2 don"t have every little thing in common. Nina dated she co-star, Ian Somerhalder, if Victoria"s connection with the top lad on "Victorious" (Avan Jogia) never moved past friendship (supposedly).

of course, each lady has actually her own career highlights and also a distinct path to celebrity. And fans can"t wait come see an ext of their work in the future. Who knows, possibly they"ll collaborate top top something epos together?

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