Smoking have the right to be a large problem among adolescents who room prone to experimentation. Research says even one cigarette can significantly harden the arteries. A smoking cigarettes habit is the last thing a parent wants for their children. V a simple home nicotine test, you can determine if someone has begun smoking and also intervene immediately.

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A nicotine drug screen is designed come detect the visibility of cotinine. Cotinine is among 20 various metabolic commodities that display that nicotine has actually been existing in the body. Cotinine is detectable in the body at 3-5 work after nicotine is inhaled.

Nicotine experimentation is relatively easy and inexpensive. To pee tests for smoking cigarettes are very common in the workplace, vice versa, insurance companies might prefer cigarette smoking saliva test kits for on-the-spot screening.

Yes, medicine tests can determine recent tobacco or nicotine use. Saliva tests for nicotine and also traditional pee nicotine tests are the most typically used method of cotinine detection.

Cotinine, a byproduct the tobacco metabolism, can be traced in urine specimens as much as 3 days after tobacco is used. Cotinine tests because that urine are obtainable in dip card and urine cup format:

Urine Cotinine check StripsObtain at least 30mL of pee in a new urine arsenal cupRemove the nicotine detection strip from the package and insert right into the urine sample because that 20 secondsPlace nicotine strip on the back of the card and also wait 5-15 minutes prior to interpreting results


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